I can’t help it. This song brings back memories.

I”ve got a scar on my right arm that was burned into me when I was in 9th grade. At a party. Outside. In Michigan. I was celebrating something, can’t remember what. I was burning somebody’s shirt. Over a campfire. A button melted and dropped onto my arm.  I have tried to tell people that it was a lion that attacked me and left the scar. NOW  you know something that even my kids and wife don’t know. But the song that was hot that night, for a brief time, was “Radar Love.”

5 responses to “I can’t help it. This song brings back memories.

  1. Radar Love…Best damn driving song ever made. I used to listen to this song when I was in Germany driving down the autobahn at about 130MPH. Man, those were the days.

  2. MrG, yer showing your age. Like I did when I posted this. Glad you noticed…

  3. You don’t look that old dude. I’m almost 52. Of course, people think I look 30ish and I’m just an old hippie. Peace Out.

  4. Haha. I’M 52 also.

  5. Ha! I turn the big 50 at next “gebertstag” ; thus allowing me to join you two in graduating from “angry young man” to “curmudgeon”.

    And Radar Love is an all-time great road song. For the record here is my top 10 road songs (more or less):

    Born to Be Wild – Steppenwolf
    Interstate Love Song – STP
    Headin’ Out To The Highway – Judas Priest
    Bad Motor Scooter – Montrose
    Highway Star – Deep Purple
    Highway to Hell – AC/DC
    Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
    Tush – ZZ Top
    Radar Love – Golden Earring
    Dragula – White (Rob) Zombie

    Honorable Mention:
    Enter Sandman – Metallica
    Barracuda – Heart
    Cherry Bomb – Runaways
    Travelin’ Band – CCR
    Light’s Out – UFO

    That play list will do more to stick accelerators (and throttle wrists) in the fully locked position than Toyota engineers!

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