How a REAL lawyer looks at the “Republic of Kenya” birth certificate

Doug Mataconis, you are our WINNER! sEND me $3,000 IMmEDiaTELY!

Doug Mataconis, you are our WINNER! sEND me $3,000 IMmEDiaTELY!

Dumbass Doug Mataconis of “Below the Beltway“, one of the crappiest legal minds in world history, swallows hook, line and sinker whatever they say on Democrat Underground or HuffingtonPost.  He even cites “Wikipedia” as his authority.  That would be like standing up in court and saying, “Your Honor, I know that Obama was born in the U.S.A. because it was in “Peanuts” cartoons just the other day.

As a REAL lawyer, with a keenly trained legal mind (somewhat dulled by years of alcohol ingestion), the first thing I do is to keep an open mind. Hmmm. The document looks legit. It looks old, it looks like it has a lot of little details that some schmuck of the street couldn’t have just made it up. Is it possible it is fake? ABSOLUTELY. Do I accept it without further proof? Or dismiss it out of hand? Hell no. I’m waiting. It has the book and page number. It should be easy for somebody to go look it up and track down its authenticity. Likewise, it should be easy to track down more info, and either prove or disprove the document.

Instead, Doug Mataconis slurps down the liberal Kool Aid like a goat slurping down kudzu, without even bothering to keep an open mind. Why? Because he is a dumbass, who has absolutely zero curiosity when it comes to changing his stupid fucking mind. He needs to first pull his nose out of Obama’s butt crack, and second, engage  his brain that hasn’t had an original thought since 1983, and sit back and wait for the evidence to shake out. But no, he’ll keep posting idiotic nonsensical articles on his pathetic blog, fully convinced that he is God’s gift to Americans, setting them free by telling them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He. Gives. Shysters. A bad name.

2 responses to “How a REAL lawyer looks at the “Republic of Kenya” birth certificate

  1. Igor Marxomarxovich

    Old Russian saying…You can tell same lie 1000 time but not change truth!

    Difference between USSR Communist media and USA “mainstream media”

    In Russia government make media say what they want – even if lie.
    In USA “mainstream media” try make government what they want – even if lie..
    …..eventually they become same thing?!

    I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at

    Somehow info on this is similar to the recent Obama birth certificate from Kenya

  2. I think you have the right idea, they really don’t want the truth, and the truth is all I’m really after. In what could be one of biggest stories in years and the mainstream media is still talking about Michael Jackson. Because they are afraid some liberal is going to call them names, they’re gutless….

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