Famous events that I will always remember

I remember the day JFK was assasinated. I remember where I was (I was in line to be dismissed from kindergarten class to get on the bus. I thought the teacher said the President had been “shocked.”)

The first Super Bowl (I didn’t even watch it, I sat at the kitchen table and listened to it on the T.V. in the other room).

When they first landed a man on the moon (I was away on a camping trip with my family in “the U.P.”  My uncle was one of the first to not believe it really happened. “Uncle Lou” believed it was a hollywood fantasy. Back then it never occurred to me not to believe it.  Now it does. It’s even fashionable…)

Me, bottom right, a year before or after John Lennon's murder

Me, bottom right, a year before or after John Lennon's murder

When John Lennon was murdered (don’t axe me why I remember, as I was no fan, but I was at college down in southern Florida).

When the space shuttle exploded soon after take off (I was between law school classes at Wake Forest and saw it on the T.V. in the student lounge area).

When I heard that Princess Di had died (I just got up on a Saturday it seems and heard it on my radio/alarm).

When the other space shuttle exploded upon re-entry (at home, had just woke up on a Saturday).

When Janet Reno burned down the Koresh compound in Waco (just on my way back to work, but I even recall where I was, what road, near what intersection).

When O.J. was acquitted (I was on my way back from Chesterfield Circuit Court, heard it was about to be read, so I stopped at the nearest bar or restaurant available and watched with a bunch of strangers).

When 9/11 occurred (I was at work, on the computer, when a dear friend called and said go look at the T.V.  This was after the first plane, before the second. I watched the second happen, and then the towers collapse.  I had a deposition scheduled for down town Richmond that afternoon.  I swear the city seemed deserted when I went down there.  No, I’ll never forget.).

I’m not claiming that these were the only important events during my lifetime, just that they stand out to me and I recall them vividly.

Anybody else recall where they were during these or different events?

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