The Faggots are Winning

you are a F*****!

you are a F*****!

Back when I was younger, faggots stayed in the closet, and rightfully so. What they do behind closed stalls is dispicable.  Now, in less than fifty years, what they do is not just “tolerated” but celebrated.  And a major college football head coach has been suspended for thirty days and fined over $90,000 for saying a dance done by the Notre Dame football team was a “faggot dance.” 

And a little politically correct faggot writing about the episode couldn’t even bring himself to spell the word out.  Writing of the incident he wrote: …”he called an Irish team dance a f***** dance.”  Can’t you just see that writer’s little faggot limp-wrist running off to tell mommy? “Oh, mommy, he said a potty-mouth! He used the F-word!”  No, mommy, not fuck! I wouldn’t tattle on him for that! It was THE F-word!”

Mommy, Mommy! See what I wrote Mommy? That writer goes on (apparently breathless): “What McMackin [the coach] said was an outrage. Unacceptable anywhere. In public, in the locker room. Anywhere. And in this case, it was at a press conference discussing the upcoming season. Cameras. Notebooks. Scribbling pens. Microphones. And a coach, representing his university, who thinks a dance doesn’t look manly. So he uses the universal word in locker rooms, dugouts, playgrounds.”

The same people who preach “tolerance” have no problem using the Lord’s name in vain and publicly spewing every other word that has ever been considered to be offensive, crude or lewd, but let some poor schmuck utter the word nigger or faggot and suddenly the politically-correct arbiters of “tolerance” piss their pants and cry racist or bigot.  What’s next? I’m guessing “re-education camps” and “tolerance camps” are next. You think I’m exaggerating? As part of his punishment “[the coach] also has to do some work with gay and lesbian groups.” 

What a fucking pussy the coach is. In an ideal world he would have said “Fuck you. Take this job and shove it! You can’t take my pay and you can’t suspend me. Fire me and I’ll sue your ass for breach of contract. Kiss my ass, and kiss the ass of the faggots you wanted me to ‘do some work with,’ cuz that ain’t gonna happen even if hell freezes over.”    The panzi-fication of America is almost complete.  The faggots out of the closet and have taken over.

p.s. Thank God not everybody is such a little pussy as that writer.  A poll attached to the same article reads thusly:

What’s your take on Greg McMackin’s punishment?
Too harsh 56%
Too lenient 29%
Just right 15%
Total Votes: 3,972

4 responses to “The Faggots are Winning

  1. As a person who has a gay child, I don’t really know how to respond to this. All I know is I still love her with all my heart. She’s still my little girl. I don’t condone her lifestyle, but she is an adult and it was her choice.

    I just wish the gays wouldn’t flaunt it in our faces all the time. But what can you expect when we have a “flamer” in the congress.

  2. If my son was a thief, I’d still love him, too. But I wouldn’t fall for the rationalization that because he did it, that it was ok. I don’t condemn homosexuals, I condemn those who try to justify it.

  3. I didn’t say it was “okay”. And I didn’t condemn homosexuals either, even before I found out about about my daughter’s proclivities.

    Sometimes this instant communication technology is a godsend and sometimes it’s a curse, depending which side you’re on.

  4. No, I didn’t take it that way. I was just speaking for myself. I’m just saying that the main reason that I speak against homosexuality is because today’s society seeks to say it is okay.

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