Liberals FINALLY are going to be outraged by the massacre of Israeli citizens.

Some Israelis are more deserving of outrage when they are murdered than others, as viewed through the liberal prism.

The Jerusalem Post: “Two people were killed on Saturday night and several others were wounded when a gunman burst into a gay community center in the heart of Tel Aviv and opened fire with a machine gun.” 

If these were Muslim terrorists, I’d say they stepped in some deep shit.  Obama’s Muslim past and his desire to “re-start” the Muslim and U.S.A. relationship will be trumped over the universal outcry amongst his liberal base to condemn this attack. Liberals as a rule despise Israel, and side with the Palestinians.  Why you wanna piss them off, Achmed?

The real deep-thinking conspiracy theorist kooks will look even deeper at this and claim that it is some Mossad plot to garner Obama’s sympathy, so that he will support Israel’s bombing of Iranian nukes.  Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just telling you what will be out on the net soon, if it isn’t there already…

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