New poll regarding birthers

97% of conservatives believe Barack Obama would lie about where he was born if he was really born in Kenya.

99% of conservatives believe that the Mainstream Media would cover up for Obama if he really was born in Kenya.

100% of conservatives believe that Obama is a fucking moron.

82% of RINOs and “moderate Republicans” believe that even if Obama is not a U.S. citizen he should remain President because “the People have spoken” [in the election].

95% of RINOs and “moderate Republicans” enjoy making fun of “birthers” because it allows them to relate better with¬†liberals and queers.

100% of RINOs and “moderate Republicans” are too fucking cowardly to even consider the question of why Obama is fighting so furiously to not produce the long form of his birth certificate.

0% of liberals would ever question whether “The Won” was ineligible for the Presidency.

75% of liberals are queer or bi-sexual and believe that Obama is, too.

100% of liberals love Obama because they believe that he hates Amerika too.

One response to “New poll regarding birthers

  1. DAMN…I hate to admit but I agree 100% that you are SPOT ON !

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