Must read, BEFORE you let the Government control your health care

An informed citizenry is the best protection against a Dictator taking over a country. READ IT!

One response to “Must read, BEFORE you let the Government control your health care

  1. Any person with a lick of sense would run away as fast as they could from socialized health care. But we have a bunch of elitist, I know better than you, people in control of both houses and the White House. Our only hope is to vote these “control freaks” out of office and repeal the egregious laws they put in place during their tenure.

    Congress is the ones who screwed it up in the first place when they allowed the Insurance companies to monopolize each state instead of continuing to allow purchase of policies across state lines.

    Can you imagine what your life insurance premiums would cost if you couldn’t “shop around” for the least expensive rates?

    I pretty much think of insurance as legalized extortion anyway. I don’t have health insurance, but that’s my choice. Over the years the premiums and deductibles have gone up and the coverage has gone down. I mean, when you pay several thousand dollars in premiums over the years and then you need to use the insurance, you still end up paying half the cost of the care out of pocket anyway, so what’s the use in having it.

    Case in point; Recently, I had to have a CT scan. I had it done at the local hospital. Thirty minutes, 1800.00 bucks for two scans plus almost 600.00 for someone to “read the two scans. I found out later that I had an alternative when I needed another CT scan. There is a couple of Medical Imaging offices locally. I had my next scan at one of these offices and it cost me 500.00 all together and because I paid in cash, I got a 10% discount. I didn’t have to pay extra for someone else to “read” them, it was inclusive in the cost. I got the second scan for 75% less than what the hospital charged me.

    Hospitals are privatizing where they can pretty much charge what they want, but at the same time get public subsidies. What’s wrong with this picture?

    I still don’t want socialized health care. I don’t want the government having control over my health and life.

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