I’ll support queers in the military when every Legislator first gets a blood transfusion from a queer

I’ve been giving blood for years. One of the FIRST questions that they ask is something like this if you are a man: “Have you EVER had sex with a man since 1977.”  Hmmm. Now why would they axe that, Alice? Because homosexual activity puts a person’s blood at high risk to transmit HIV/AIDS.  I assume (without any facts to support it) that G.I.s occasionally are called upon to donate blood to comrades, especially in times of crisis.  And also, medics and comrades in the field are occasionally called upon to administer first aid to fellow wounded G.I.s.  None of our warriers should have to think twice about some fairy who is in the foxhole with him.  Period, end of story.  

I have ZERO tolerance for some faggot who wants  to play G.I. Joe but whose actions endanger his or  her comrades. I. Don’T. Give. A SHIT about what other countries do.  Let’s face it. Most faggots dress up in feathers and frequent fashion events. The few who want to play cowboy can deal with it by either forgoing taking it up the butt during their military career, or else taking up another career such as hairdressing or dress-making.  This isn’t about “political correctness”, this is about our national welfare. Piss off a handful of queers in the military? Or piss off thousands who might not join or re-up because we are trying to allow dresses in the military? Hmmm. That’s a real tough choice. Not.

6 responses to “I’ll support queers in the military when every Legislator first gets a blood transfusion from a queer

  1. Carl B. Robertson

    Viet Nam 101 Military Police, I Corp.
    No faggots playing house then, none now, or EVER.
    I agree, give the legislators that support queers in the military an untested blood transfusion from some faggot’s blood.

  2. Thank you, Sir. And welcome to our humble blog.

  3. Previously posted over at the Frum Forum…

    Gramps // Dec 2, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    MtnDrew // Dec 2, 2010 at 4:11 pm wrote: “Sunny- I agree with much of what you’re saying and i commend you on refocusing the discussion back to where is probably should be in the first place…”

    MtnDrew—I fail to see any distinctive difference between Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam, where I served some 45 years ago, on three different A-Teams and with the PD2 team, over a period of four years from 1962-1966…

    By all means Sunny, thanks for refocusing the discussion back on topic…DADT…?
    Mission over the principle…during times of war…?

    Perhaps; yet who should make that decision, the CIC, in counsel with his Chiefs of Staff, the congress in its’ infinite political wisdom…?

    Hell… as I recall war was never declared in Vietnam…? We just lost 53,000+ dead and 2.0 million, wounded troopers. The Vietnamese casualties, only amounted to 2.75 to 3.0 million stone cold dead…!

    As I recall today… we were told then; that we were fighting in Vietnam, to preclude the whole of SE Asia, falling to Communism, as projected by the totally bogus, “Domino Theory”…!

    I have no clue why we went into Iraq, except for vanity or greed or both and why we made another foolish decision to expend our “blood and treasure” in Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush has been the grave yard, for every external invading, force since Alexander the Great, in 330 BCE.
    There is no reason, recorded, in the historical time of foolish leaders… to believe that our great adventure into the “jaws of death” will result in anything different than the same dismal, eventual, defeat…

    Yet you continue to maintain that DADT, the principle, has less import then our foolhardy mission into the Kush…?

    Oh hell, well…To soon olde, too late schmart…
    “The olde, cantankerous, curmudgeon,” sends all the very best…!

  4. Off topic but; still apropos…
    Holiday Greetings, SmashMouth bloggers…!

    Please, take care of yourselves…
    A recent joint study conducted by the Department of Health and the Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that 23% of traffic accidents are alcohol related…

    This means that the remaining 77% are caused by simple arses that just drink coffee, carbonated drinks, juices, milk, and “sheet” like that…
    Therefore; be cautious of those who do not drink alcohol.they cause three plus,times as many accidents as drinkers…

    This message is sent by an olde пьет водку … someone that cares and even worries about you all’s, well being…!

  5. Mike Richardson

    First of all, an HIV/AIDS test is required to get INTO the military. If you are found to have it, you are immediately discharged. Second, most gays actually DON’T enjoy dressing up in feathers and drag. That’s just a stereotype. And third, that argument has no standing whatsoever on lesbians. The AIDS epidemic is actually more prvalent in the STRAIGHT community than the gay community, and with lesbians, it’s almost negligible.

    • Mike, you have too much common sense for this website. These RW nuts are idiots. The guy who wrote this article writes: “Now why would they axe that, Alice?” Axe? Really? Not very bright.

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