HOW freakin old am I?

"1957 Ghia Chrysler Diablo"

"1957 Ghia Chrysler Diablo"

I was less than a week old the last time the Detroit Lions won the NFL Championship!  Notice almost all the men attending the game wore Fedora’s? Notice the what we would now consider classic autos driving by in first few seconds of the tape? And Jim Brown was a rookie that year!

I remember when vibrating football was high tech! I had one, roughly in the early 60s.

I remember the Green Bay Packers vs. the Dallas Cowboys in “the Ice Bowl.”  BEFORE the first Super Bowl.  I remember the first Super Bowl. “Bart Starr to Max McGee, TOUCHDOWN!”  Notice the sparse crowd at that first game. Nobody dreamed it would become so huge.  And of course I didn’t know that Max McGee was hungover, because he did not expect to play that day.

Where is all this going? ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?  TRAINING CAMP IS A WEEK AWAY!  THE LIONS ARE COMING BACK! Remember the name Matthew Stafford. He’s gonna be the next John Elway/Brett Farve!  Here is a highlight tape of every one of his pass attempts vs. Georgia Tech last year. Enjoy!

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