How various politicians look at the health care issue

President Obama: “I can control 1/5 of the U.S. economy.  I can get all my  homies positions of power. I can have influence over who lives and who dies.  Nobody will dare to defy me, on any issue, or I’ll cut off their health insurance and let them and their family all die.  Oh, yeah, my mother ‘worried’ about paying her bills while she was dying, too.  Did I mention that I can control who gets health care, and who doesn’t? Hell, this is almost as sweet as ‘Reparations!’  I love power.”

 Teddy Kennedy: “God dammit, where my drink. Bwing

I have my own mixed drink: Lotta skotch  and some dirty water from the tidal basin!

I have my own mixed drink: Lotta skotch and some dirty water from the tidal basin!

 me, me, ugh, what wus I saying? God I’m dwunk.”

Nancy Pelosi: “All those fifty million voters who don’t have health insurance are going to vote for Democrats if we pass this bill! I’ll be the Speaker of the House until Hell freezes over. Hmmm. Should I get more botox injections before the final vote?”


Support your local Blue Dog

Support your local Blue Dog

Blue Dog Democrats:

Hmm. We can’t afford this. We don’t believe Obama. We don’t trust Pelosi. This is a huge boondoggle that won’t work, that will bankrupt America, that will drag down an already weak economy.  Our constituents don’t want this. But there are those supposedly 50 million uninsured who want something for nothing…It would be nice to get re-elected. I’m tempted to cave in and do what I know is bad for our country, just so that I can get re-elected… What to do, what to do?”

RINOs and Moderate Republicans [Benedict Specter, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, yada yada yada, hell probably even John McCain-Feingold]: “We know this won’t work. Obama’s stimulus is a joke. Trust the same intellectual light-weights who screwed up on the stimulus to control all of healthcare, approximately 1/5 of our economy? Not so bright. But we don’t want to be attacked on “Meet the Press” or by the New York Times, and all the same old players in the Mainstream Media. Even though we know this is total bull shit, all the people that we meet at the cocktail circuit in Washington favor it. So we’ll sell out our country and vote for it. It’s what we do best!”

Jim DeMint:  On “This Week” DeMint defended his recent war of words with the president — arguing the health care issue could be Obama’s “Waterloo” and will “break him.” 

“This is not personal against the president. I like the president. But he’s out of control and he’s been leading a stampede of more spending, and debt, and taxes and government takeovers,” DeMint told me this morning.

“Republicans want to protect the right of Americans to make their own health care decisions, to pick their own doctors and their own plans,” DeMint said.  We could have a plan in a few weeks, George, if the goal is not a government takeover,” DeMint said, adding, “this is about the most personal service that Americans have. We don’t want to a bureaucrat [in charge].”

[I report, you decide.]

One response to “How various politicians look at the health care issue

  1. You know, that would be funny if it wasn’t so damn true. You have to give it to Demint. He has always been a straight shooter.

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