Free legal representation is a fundamental right

Millions upon millions of Americans do not have access to a lawyer. Of those who do, most of them can’t afford their lawyer. Legal  fees are a leading cause of bankruptcy. Despairing American citizen, when faced with onerous lawsuits, are placed on the horn’s of a dilemma: refuse to pay exhorbitant legal fees, and lose and get bankrupted, or pay the legal fees, win, and still go bankrupt. 

Millions of indigent citizens are forced to use the Legal Aide Society for free legal advice. Others rely on free advice clinics put on by lawyers working pro bono.  When free legal advice is offered, some citizens come from hundreds of miles away to get something for nothing.

This travesty must stop.  Every American deserves his or her own lawyer! This is a basic American right, and the U.S. Government must pay for it!  Elect me as your next President! My new slogan is, “Everybody needs a lawyer. Everybody gets a lawyer!”   

Coming next week: Everybody needs a mechanic. Everybody gets a mechanic!

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