Who is the racist?

You talkin to me? Are YOU talkin to ME?!

You talkin to me? Are YOU talkin to ME?!

                                                                                                                                                      One of my next door neighbors (originally from India) yesterday asked me to look out for his  house while he is expected to be gone for vacation.  He said words to the effect that if I see anybody there during the next X days to call the police. 

Now, if I came home from vacation and lost my key and tried to break in to my own home, I would gladly accept the fact that if someone saw me doing it that they would call the police to report suspicious activity.  If the police came to my door, I would not be “offended.” I would thank them, and calmly explain that I lost my key, broke into my own home, and willingly show them my ID.  Hell, I’d offer them a cup of coffee.

What I would not do is start screaming racism.  Course, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder, and I don’t think I’m an elitist from Harvard who is above being polite to the police.  I’m glad that black SOB got arrested. About 99% of cops (I would venture to guess) would have arrested his ass, be they white, black or green.  I also think the prosecutor was correct to dismiss the charges. I’m only sorry that he will be emboldened by the affair, and think even more highly of himself.  He is the racist, not to mention a stupid P.O.S.  He violated one of John Doe’s maxims: “Don’t piss off any guy who is packing heat.”  And Obama, what a moron. Stay the hell out of it you ignorant thug.

2 responses to “Who is the racist?

  1. You can’t call Obama a racist he can flip flop back and forth between black and white .

  2. True, Don, but I am not saying his actions were racist in this case. He is biased as this guy is his friend. I’m saying the Harvard dude is the racist. I know Obama is a racist from other examples, this one just isn’t the best example of it…

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