Delphi pensions to be assumed by you and me

We win, taxpayers lose. Sorry suckas

We win, taxpayers lose. Sorry suckas

UAW runs another company into bankruptcy with shitty work and exhorbitant benefits.  U.S. Taxpayers to be saddled with paying those fat-asses’ exhorbitant retirement benefits. And many of them are in their 50s and took early retirement. While you and I slave away with no retirement plan except our own savings, The Obambi Administration pays off more debt to his supporters. With your and my money. 

From The Detroit News:  “It’s huge, especially up in my district where a lot of retirees live,” Stupak said. “You can see what the corporations are doing: declaring bankruptcy, going to court and dumping it on the taxpayers, which I think is really immoral. Corporations used to take care of their workers; now they don’t anymore.”

From The NY Times: “Delphi filed for bankruptcy in 2005 under the leadership of Robert S. Miller, who said one of his highest priorities would be to curb the company’s “uncompetitive labor cost structure.” 

[Note to dumbasses: “uncompetitive labor cost structure” is a polite way of saying those union workers were paid more than they were worth, and the company was losing business to overseas or non-unionized businesses.  Now those American businesses which were competetive will have to pay taxes to bail these bastards out. And that’s a fact, Jack.]

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