Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am! Obama’s “change you can believe in!”

Bend Over, Here It Comes!

Bend Over, Here It Comes!

We’re on a mission from God, Ma’am! No time to read the Bill. No time to let legislators read the Bill!  For Gawd’s sake, don’t publish it on-line and let the masses read the damn thing! This is too important to put all of the legislation in during the light of day! Stick some of it in last minute after everybody is asleep!  Punch it through, before the chattering masses discover what is really in it! Worked for Bush II during the banks bailout!  It worked in the House for the Crap and Trade! Gotta do it again with the Socialized Medicine Bill! Ram it through! If this was something that had broad political support for our proposed legislation, we wouldn’t be in such a hurry! The more people learn of our shennanigans, the less support we have! So gotta hurry!  We’ll give you the details later! HURRY!

Or, as Bubba Clinton says, “better put some ice on that. It’s gonna hurt!”

18 responses to “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am! Obama’s “change you can believe in!”

  1. Joe the Plumber

    You’re a seriously CONFUSED asshole.

    Your big complaint about Obama is that he’s doing the SAME thing the Republicans did while THEY were in power?

    Where the fuck were you when GOP was running things?

  2. Listen, dumbass (or is it Mr. Dumbass?): I opposed Republicans when they spent too much and fucked up. Don’t confuse me for one of those partisan Republicans who think every thing that they do is fine. You dumbfuck. I. Am. A. Conservative. When Republicans or Democrats act in a manner consistent with conservative principles, then I support them. It so happens that Republicans, as a general rule, act slightly more conservatively than the Dems do. Slightly. Now fuck off.

  3. Joe the Plumber

    If you wrote the article, then you’re seriously confused.

    Who the hell do you think composed the GOP for the last 8 years? Liberals?

    According to the conservative Wall Street Journal, when the GOP took control from the Democrats in 1995 there were 1,439 earmarked expenses in the budget. By the time they lost power at the end of 2005 there were 13,998 earmarked expenses in the budget.

    When they took over the White House in 2000, there were budget SURPLUSES. Now we’re running huge deficits.

    They ran Congress like a private country club,
    and you have the balls to complain about Obama? Please.

    Shut the fuck up before I bitch slap your silly ass with MORE facts about how competent the GOP “conservatives” were.

  4. Joe the Plumber

    According to the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act, the congressional budget resolution is to be adopted by April 15th, each year.

    Not only did GOP controlled congresses have trouble meeting the deadline, but for fiscal years 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007 they failed to produce a fucking budget resolution AT ALL.
    In 2007, the Democrats had to clean up the mess.

    It was so fucking bad that 12 year Republican Congressman Jack Kingston from Ga. was embarrassed, saying “I think it’s shameful. We were fired, as Republicans, for cause, the cause being that we didn’t perform.”

    “Conservative” Republicans fuck up the government every time they’re in control.

  5. You truly are a fucking moron if you think CONSERVATIVE Republicans had control of Congress or anything else for the last 8 years. Most of them were RINOs, Moderates, and shit-heads. Sounds to me as though Jack Kinston is a conservative (although I couldn’t say, as I’ve never heard of him).

    The surplus when Bubba left office was due almost entirely to his 1) military cuts due to the end of the cold war (which left our army ill-prepared) 2) and the dot-com bubble. Giving Demoncraps credit for either of those two one-time events takes the death of more brain cells than I have to give.

    Your problem is that you are unable or unwilling to distinguish “Republican” from “conservative Republican.” Big difference. Get YOUR facts straight.

    You seem to be arguing in favor of fiscal conservatism, something that I am in favor of too. So what are you saying? That because the Pubs were terrible (we are in agreement) that somehow the fuck up liberals who are in power now are better? If so, check your glasses–they have shit stains all over them.

  6. Joe the Plumber

    Please, spare me your bullshit. You conservative assclowns always pull that “He’s a RINO” crap when you get caught fucking shit up.

    “Clinton left our military unprepared”

    You mean the same military the went into Afghanistan and kicked ass 9 months after Bush took office? The same military Bush took to war? That military? Clinton made our military more EFFECTIVE. Who the fuck do you think funded Predator drones and JDAM’s?

    You can complain about HOW he did it all you want, the FACT is when Bush took office we had budget surpluses, when Obama took office, we had budget deficits in the BILLIONS

    Here’s another FACT. Government spending AND the national debt INCREASED under Reagan, Bush & Bush lite. Under Clinton the debt went DOWN.

    “He’s a RINO” Hell, show me a single GOP congress that actually REDUCED spending OR the DEBT. They’re ALL fucking RINOS.

    You bitch and moan about “fuck up liberals” but they’re more fiscally conservative than the conservatives. At least they’re smart enough to know that if you’re going to spend, you have to HAVE money to spend, unlike the GOP who cut taxes AND spent like drunken sailors in a whorehouse on payday.

    Now get your head out of your ass and quit blindly listening to Hannity & Limbaugh.

  7. You are out of your fucking mind. Liberals more fiscally conservative than Republicans? Yeah, that must be why we have the highest deficits ever in Obanigkenobi’s first 6 mos. You give new meaning to the word dumbfuck.

  8. Joe the Plumber

    Show me a single GOP congress that actually REDUCED spending OR the national debt, or shut the fuck up.

  9. You ignorant POS! The GOP controlled the House and Senate when Bubba was President. Now you shut the fuck up, and wipe that bullshit off your feet cuz you really stepped in it this time.

  10. Joe the Plumber


    Clinton enacted the 1993 Deficit Reduction Plan without a SINGLE fucking Republican Vote.

    The GOP didn’t gain control of Congress until 1995, two years AFTER the plan was already in effect.

    Now shut the fuck up.

  11. Joe the Plumber

    Since you’ve annoyed me, let me bitch slap your silly ass with a few more facts.

    I keep hearing assclowns like you bitch about Obama and taxes, but you idiots seem to forget the fact that after Reagan “stimulated” the economy with his tax cuts, he had to raise taxes twice in 1982, and then raise them again in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987.

    Reagan approved a total of thirteen fucking tax increases, including one of the largest in history at the time in 1982. Even THAT wasn’t enough.

    When Bush Sr. took office, deficits were rising so fast he had to raise taxes TOO.

    Don’t give me your bullshit about how financially responsible GOP conservatives are. The facts don’t back you up.

  12. You don’t want facts to get in your way. Clinton increased spending during his years. Fortunately, the economy grew faster than Bubba could spend. IF you really care about facts, go here:


    Regarding Reagan’s “Tax Increases” you fucking liberals want it both ways. First, you excoriate him for the largest tax cut in history, then when he scaled it back to adjust it and take back some of the cuts, you claim he was a big tax increaser. Let Obambi and the liberal dominated congress cut taxes, then we’ll talk.

    Funny you claim Dems aren’t “pounding the war drum” but they just increased by over 20,000 the troops in Afghanistan. Dumbfucks like you put your ankles behind your ears and beg to have it crammed in. You swallow any old lie, and expect that you can get away with telling your lies here and not be called on it.

    Finally, assclown, Obambi RAN on promises not to raise taxes. To lying pos such as yourself, lies mean nothing. To the rest of us, they mean this bastard ain’t worthy of being President.

  13. Joe the Plumber

    According to the CONSERVATIVE CATO institute..

    “During the FIRST THREE YEARS under Clinton, spending increased 3.5%….Non-defense discretionary spending actually went DOWN by 0.7 percent.

    This is contrasted by Bush’s three-year total spending increase of 15.6 percent and a 20.8 percent EXPLOSION in non-defense discretionary spending.”


    Before you get a hard on from thinking “The GOP was in control while Clinton was doing that” keep in mind, I had to explain to you the the Democrats were in control until 1995.

    As far as wanting it both ways on Reagan, why the hell not? You “voodoo” economic retards CUT fucking taxes saying how wonderful it was all going to be despite all the warnings including one from Bush Sr, then you had to RAISE the taxes to fix the fucking mess.

    Tell me WHY you shouldn’t be nailed for both of them?

    Of course, the STUPIDEST thing you’ve said so far is “Funny you claim Dems aren’t “pounding the war drum” but they just increased by over 20,000 the troops in Afghanistan. ”

    You douche bags fucking STARTED that conflict, then wandered off looking for god damn WMD’s in Iraq that were NEVER fucking found. Now you have the balls to bitch that the Democrats are sending more troops to finish the conflict YOU started? Do you realize how fucking retarded you sound?

    Lastly, after having INHERITED a destroyed global economy, you’re gonna whine that “Obama promised NOT to raise taxes” so he’s not worthy to be President? How fucking clueless are you?

    We WANT a President who’s willing to change his mind when the facts and conditions change. It’s a sign of maturity, unlike “Stay the Course” and “I don’t see the American economy having problems” Haven’t you been paying attention the last fucking 8 years?

    Now shut the fuck up before I have to bitch slap you yet again with MORE facts.

  14. Joe the Plumber

    BTW, I’m STILL waiting for you to name a “conservative” GOP congress that actually reduced spending and/or lowered the debt.

  15. Do I have to spell it out for you? The GOP controlled the House and Senate when Bubba was in office, and the debt was lowered. I know, you ignoramouses on the left give Bubba all the credit, but the GOP forced him to accept welfare reform, which helped lower the spending.

  16. Joe the Plumber

    Talk about denial. Look asshole, how many fucking times does it have to explained to you?

    Not a SINGLE fucking Republican voted for the 1993 Deficit Reduction Act, which is what’s responsible for lowering the debt.

    And answer this, genius…

    If the god damn GOP was so fucking fiscally conservative when Clinton was President, they should have been even MORE conservative when Bush took office and the debt should have gone down even farther.

    Instead they pigged out like fucking Limbaugh at a free buffet. They had TOTAL control, so who fucking forced them to increase non-defense discretionary spending by 20%? The fairy fucking god mother? And don’t blame the war, because that’s NON DEFENSE spending.

    Fact is, CLINTON was responsible for reducing the deficit and you assholes want to live in total denial about it because your OWN polices have been a fucking disaster for this country.

    Even the god damn Heritage Foundation said Bush Spent twice as much as Clinton…

    “A Heritage Foundation analyst wrote that “spending has increased twice as fast under President Bush as it did under President Clinton,” and attributed the spending surge less to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 than to a lack of “self-discipline required to balance fiscal priorities.”


    You can use your your shitty little liberal bashing blog to babble bullshit all you want, but the truth is you clowns blew it while you were in charge and your asses got kicked to the curb.

    Now you can be men and admit that you fucked up and FIX the problems with your party, or you can continue to live in denial and blame fucking ACORN for your loss. I don’t really care.

    I’ll give you a heads up, though. Your days of demonizing your opponents with bullshit is over. It didn’t work in 2008, it ain’t going to work in 2012. The internet makes it too easy to verify information.

    Now I’ve wasted enough time educating your sorry ass and giving your blog the appearance that people actually give a fuck what you think.

    I have other assclowns to bitch slap with the facts.

  17. You sayin it is so doesn’t make it so, my resident troll. The Dems and Clinton calling it “The Deficit Reduction Act” doesn’t make it so. I am the King of England, you f’n moron.

    And buy a clue, asshole. You. Are. Arguing. With. Yourself. I completely agree that the Pubs acted like AlGore at an all you can eat buffet. The fact that Pubs did it then does not excuse the Demoshits doing it now. Instead of acting like a mindless partisan and supporting everything the demoshits say and do, how about condemning them for their mindless spending now? I howled as long and as loud as anybody when Bush partnered with fat fuck Senator from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts in “No Child Left Behind;” or when he did that God-awful Farm Bill; or that God-awful Medicare Prescription Drug Bill; or when he signed McCain-Feingold. So quit mouthing off. I call a spade a spade. You however, have your head so far up the democrat party’s ass that you tonsils and believe that is proof that you are “non-partisan.”

    pst. Buy a fuckin clue. BUSH was not a fiscal conservative. Don’t make me bitchslap you anymore, troll-breath.

  18. Never fear the rush job has been put on hold for now

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