CIA Director Panetta informed Congress of a secret program to capture Osama bin Laden

Save me Obiwan-Obama!

Save me Obiwan-Obama!

The New York Times has the details.  The money portion of the article: “…after being informed by Mr. Panetta about this program that was left-over from the Bush Administration years, Speaker of the House Pelosi demanded that a committee be formed to investigate whether laws were broken. Supposedly, even the F.B.I. was in on the program!  “This is something that President Bush and his cronies should have told me about. And this is such a large program, that I certainly would remember if I was informed about it.  And who authorized it?”  President Obama immediately cancelled the program that supposedly placed a bounty of $25 million dollars on the head of Osama bin Laden.  Some inside sources put the figure as high as $50 million. “It’s not America. It’s not what we do!” President Obama said. “Why would the Bush Administration put a bounty on a private citizen? ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive’?  It reminds us that President Bush thought he was a cowboy.   Mr. bin Laden has constitutional rights, too! He has not had a trial, let alone been sentenced to death. It is a barbaric program, and it is un-American!”

Cheney fishes while Washington burns

Cheney fishes while Washington burns

“Former Vice President Cheney was unavailable for comment.  Allegedly, he was fly-fishing for trout in Montana and could not be located.  Some bloggers, however, believe that that is not all he is doing while supposedly fishing.  President Bush, in keeping with his formerly announced position, refused to comment on any actions that President Obama takes, lest  his words be taken as criticism.”

The NY Times reporter who broke this story has been awarded the coveted “National Press Club Prize” for his diligent article.

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