Blew (ALMOST all of) Virginia has panties in a wad about a so-called “racist in charge of Young Republicans”

Lowell do!

Lowell do!

Oh, the horrors. She wrote “LOL“, minutes before erasing the racist  comment from her blog.  But old “Aids Bref”  (Registered Trademark, John Doe, 2009) can’t seem to condemn the words of A LIBERAL TRUE SCUM-SUCKING DIED-IN-THE-WOOL racist pig Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, whose words have been written and have never been retracted.  As old Lowell (of NAMBLA fame) drags his nose out of the briefs of every man he has ever known, will he ever, EVAH, grow a pair of balls and call racism on  the part of some Democrap, any Democrap? Do. Not. Hold. Your. Bref.

p.s. As usual, whenever I am talking about “Old AIDS Bref,” I’m using Falwell v. Hustler-type of humor. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

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