Reporter has a disease

"Hi! I'm Ashley!"

"Hi! I'm Ashley!"

It’s called “bias.” Story supposedly was that daughter was misdiagnosed with having asthma and was sent home with only antibiotics in tow. But her father was a physician, and he insisted that she return and have a chest x-ray. 

But the real story was this dipshit reporter for “AOL health,” Ashley Neglia, who puked up this sentence: “Because they lived in the United Kingdom and had access to the National Health Service, he was able to send his daughter back to the office with a letter insisting that she receive an X-ray.” 

NO! NO NO NO you dumb bitch! Because she lived in the U.K. the dumbass doctor did not take the time to give her a chest x-ray in the first place.  Because there is no financial incentive to give proper health care, they treat you like sheep and send you home.  If this patient’s father had not been a physician, she would have died before the cancer was found. In the U.S. with our system she could have insisted in the first place, without needing a “note” from her father.  No wonder dumbasses want the U.S. Post Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles to be in charge of medicine: they have the I.Q. of a box of turnips.

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