Sarah Palin

Sometimes Photoshopped pictures are a good thing

Sometimes Photoshopped pictures are a good thing

My initial reaction? I hate quitters.  Then, as the liberal assholes piled on, I figured that I would have to re-evaluate. You can’t go too far wrong by always disagreeing with idiot liberals (sorry for the redundancy). 

I probably would have shot some of my critics by now if I were her, so it would be hypocritical of me to judge her.  She will save thousands in future legal fees that would be required to defend herself against frivolous ethical complaints. She will free herself up to run for higher office if that is her goal.

And a good case can be made that what she is doing is the honorable thing to do. After all, Obama “quit” on the people of Illinois two years into his six year term.  McCain was AWOL from the Senate during his swing and a miss. One author (with no apparent bias towards either party) claimed that through March 14, 2008, McCain had missed 56% of Senate votes, and that  John Edwards supposedly missed 42% of votes during his run.  So it almost seems as though the honorable thing to do–if you are planning to run for higher office–is to resign your current seat in order to let somebody else handle the duties full-time. 

In short, if she is quitting because of the incessant underhanded attacks, or to save money against future frivolous ethical complaints, or to free up her time to run for higher office, then I support her.  But if she is just quitting for no good reason, then I do not.  Finally, to all you Palin haters: Fuck you, you AIDS infested inbred knuckle-dragging mindless robots of the Left.

2 responses to “Sarah Palin

  1. southern gentleman

    if sarah needs a place to sleep she can share my bed 🙂

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