The truth finally comes out: Saddam Lied and Troops Died

250222No wonder so many people believed that Saddam had WMDs. (And don’t give me that complete and utter bull shit that it was Bush who lied, because we have a record of all the Democrat Pols who believed that Saddam had WMDs.)  Remember the reports that even Saddam’s own generals did not know that they did not possess WMDs. 

Now that George Bush has been driven out of office in shame, finally   Saddam acted as though he had them; he acted as though he was hiding them, to make Iran believe that he had them.  In effect, he lied because he was afraid to let Iran know that in fact he did not possess WMDs.  Well, at least he got what he deserved…

He won't have the guts to do that again!

He won't have the guts to do that again!

the truth comes out.

3 responses to “The truth finally comes out: Saddam Lied and Troops Died

  1. We could never believe anything Saddam Hussein said, and his testimony is still of no account. Nonetheless, I agree with your basic conclusion. Consider what has been known for some time. Right up to the day of our invasion even Iraq’s generals believed Hussein had WMD stocks ready for use.

    Why would Hussein want people to believe he had WMD? Why did Hussein ever bother with WMD? Why did he order his military forces to attack Iran, Kuwait, and his own people? The man was mad for power. He used anyone and anything to obtain and hold power.

    Once Hussein obtained power, he could not let it go. He discovered what it means to have a tiger by the tail.

    Can you imagine the nightmares of such a man? Hussein rightly feared all the enemies he had earned. This tyrant had killed, maimed, and/or shamed the countless fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, cousins, and friends of ever so many people. Moreover, he also feared all those he thought envied his power.

    We can only wonder if Hussein ever understood the depth of his foolishness. Only the foolish would envy him. He owned a country, but he could have no rest. He could not rest in peace — sleep without care or concern. He could not place his head on a pillow and his worries in God’s hands. So long as he stalked his fellow human beings for his own sake, that is a priceless blessing that must ever evade him.

  2. He was a powder-keg waiting to explode. He may never have exploded, but we will never know. And after 9/11, the country was not in the mood to sit around and find out. Part of his problem was that he did not believe America would invade. He thought the other countries such as France and Germany that he was bribing would prevent it. And I don’t blame him. So many previous Presidents were so weak that when a strong and committed President came along, who had never been tested, Saddam had every reason to believe that he would be weak too. He made a major miscalculation, and he paid the ultimate price.

    I recall well the build up to the war. If he had just cooperated completely, he would have totally diffused the situation. And the fact that he acted like he was hiding something made everyone believe that he had WMDs.

  3. I agree. Unfortunately, the Democrats did not regard Hussein as their competitor. They bestowed that honor on Bush.

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