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Hal Turner learns the hard way: Being a conservative in America can get you arrested for what you say…

First, let me say again, I do not support Hal Turner. Don’t know of him, never heard or read a word that he has to say. But I support his right to say “Let me be the first to say this plainly: These Judges deserve to be killed.”  Now let’s look at what the liberals had to say about G. W. Bush. You tell me if this is not prosecuting a guy because he is on the “wrong” side of the political spectrum.

Nobel Prize Winner Betty Williams, July 2007:  “Right now, I could kill George Bush,” she said. “No, I don’t mean that. How could you nonviolently kill somebody? I would love to be able to do that.” As she made her point, she chuckled and some members of the audience laughed.

I googled “Kill Bush” images and was shocked at all the creative ways liberals came up with to show their approval of his assassination.

Liberals think they are clever playing the “Kill Bush” game.

An example of "liberal humour"

An example of "liberal humour"

Liberals place for sale an entire line of “Kill Bush” products: buttons, T-shirts and purses (for the girly men) with a blood splattered words “Kill Bush” on them. What funny pranksters they are. 

The shirt’s black and red lettering on yellow says:

 For Gods Sake …
Save the United States
and the Rest of the World

The 100 percent cotton shirt was offered for $16.99.

Jackass star Stevo says he wants to kill George W. Bush. The British-born daredevil rapper spoke out from a cab outside trendy South Beach, but quickly took back his presidential threat saying he was “just a rapper”. Hurling a string of expletives, Stevo shouted: “F**k George Bush, I’ll kill him. “Is that illegal? Nah dude, anyone in their right mind would kill that f*****g mutha-f****r.”He then later said that “Nah, I’m not killing anyone I’m just a rapper – you know what rap is, it’s just art!”  My what a clever chap he is. And the liberals love him.

…”in New York CIty, a few blocks from Ground Zero, several thousand people gathered in Tomkins Square Park shouted “Kill George Bush” in unison for several minutes. I couldn’t believe my ears.”

Here, you can go play “Kill Bush” on line now. You deranged fucking liberals know you want to.

And let’s not forget the movie where Bush was assassinated.

"Freedom of speech" is only for liberals when a Democrap is in the White House

"Freedom of speech" is only for liberals when a Democrap is in the White House









Chris fucking Matthews on PMS-NBC:

Matthews: “Look, let me ask you this. Where are you on capital punishment?”

Malachy McCourt: “Capital punishment? I think that if, if I’ve got to find that guy in Spain who indicted Pinochet and get him for war crimes, and I get him to do the same thing for Bush. And in that case, I would be for capital punishment. Otherwise, I am against it . . . “

Matthews, at the close of the interview, guffawed: “Well, I had to tell you, I hereby make my stand, I like you already. Malachy McCourt, Green Party candidate.”






He he. Such clever liberals...

He he. Such clever liberals...

 First, they came for the White Supremecist, and I said nothing, because I was not a White Supremecist…