John Doe has been arrested!!!!!

By Mrs. John Doe:  Late last night Federal Investigators broke our

The jack-booted thugs got John Doe. You are next.

The jack-booted thugs got John Doe. You are next.

 front door and arrested my husband in his bed for making threats against Federal Judges. Apparently, the so-called “threats” were contained in a blog post that  he made yesterday entitled “Let me be the SECOND to say this clearly: These judges deserve to be killed.”  Apparently, the Federal Prosecutor, what’s his name from Chicago, the same sawed off little prick prosecutor who rail-roaded Scooter Libby, did not take too kindly to my husband taunting him by calling  him a “little Napoleon,” “a little faggot” and then saying “come git some.”  My husband has gone and done it  now. His big mouth has gotten  him in deep trouble. He is being held without bond and will be extradicted to Illinois next week.  When his lawyer petitioned the Court for Johnny to be let out on bail, the Federal Magistrate just laughed.  Pray for me, and send money for Johnny’s legal defense. That is me asking for the financial help, not Johnny. All Johnny requested was some “soap on a rope.” Thank you.

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