New York Times admits that they were wrong about Sarah Palin

Last pic of Trig alive...

Last pic of Trig alive...

Sarah Palin went berzerk today and the NYT finally admitted that they were wrong to attack her.  Palin finally admitted that not aborting her son Trig was a gross mistake. She took a knife to him and cut him in little pieces. “Hey, a choice is a choice, eh? He’s just a little retard, after all.  I’m a little late to the party, but it’s my body, doncha know?” 

And she finally admitted that her husband was a chauvinstic pig, so she divorced him and moved in with a lesbian lover.  “Jesus said love thy neighbor, no? ‘Bobby’ is my neighbor.”  And speaking of Jesus, she officially renounced any faith in Christianity, in any religion, and in any higher power.  “Religion is, like, way over-rated, eh? My ‘god’ from now on will be Obama, and ‘Big Government.’ I’m just really tired of swimming against the tide, doncha know?” 

Keith Olbermann begged her forgiveness. Katie Couric admitted that her interview with Palin may have been biased. The National Organization for Women declared that she would henceforth become an honorary member and that her annual dues would be waived for the first five years. 

Finally, Planned Parenthood of America requests that you donate to compensate them for the cost of them taking Trigg’s remains out to the dumpster and disposing of his remains. Said Planned Parenthood’s President: “Better late than never.”  The Democrat National Convention declared today “Sarah Palin Day” and offically demanded that the MSM cease and desist attacking her, and turn their attention on other, more Godly men and women.

3 responses to “New York Times admits that they were wrong about Sarah Palin

  1. Hell yes.

  2. Check out a new documentary on Abortion and Black Genocide in Modern America called Maafa21. See how genocide is happening still to this day in the Black Community in the.

  3. Thanks, saynsumthn, that is good stuff. I knew most of it, but from reading it. Being in form of video makes it come alive.

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