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Some top moments in my life

I just walked past a park with 8-10 games of coed volleyball games going on, and it made me think of some top moments or days in my life (none x-rated, that is a post for a different blog), in no particular order:

1. Any high school football game that I played in front of thousands; or any hockey game played in front of dozens. Or any baseball game played in front of anybody. Win or lose. Continue reading

Great article about Bernie Kosar

SI84MiamiI was at the game in the Orange Bowl to watch Bernie K and the Hurricanes defeat Nebraska in the last second to win the National Championship that year.  At forty-five his body is broken down, he is going bankrupt, and he still wishes he could play football. Must read for Kosar fans.

Queer punched for calling a guy a faggot

Thank you God

I call this a good start...

I call this a good start...


Karma is a bitch. 



And, as Bubba Clinton once said, “Better put some ice on that.”

Lawyer from hell

Good thing Debra doesn't do Estate Law

Good thing Debra doesn't do Estate Law

I defended a lady who was sued by a female lawyer in Henrico County.  Basically, my client filed a bar complaint against the lady lawyer, I’ll call her Debra.  The bar complaint was thrown out, because Debra hired a fancy lawyer to protect herself. And then Debra sued my client for “defamation” (for calling Debra unfit to practice law and incompetent, and for allegedly lying in the Bar Complaint) “intentional infliction of emotional distress”, “assault” and assorted other issues. This is all background to understand the interesting parts of the trial.

I had another lawyer from Virginia with forty-two years of experience to testify that Debra was indeed incompetent.  He testified: “She was either a conscious, deliberate liar of enormous magnitude, or  she really couldn’t tell the differnce between the truth and lies. Among other things, she would say one thing and five or ten minutes later deny she ever said it.”  Debra had contacted that lawyer a few years before to help her in major litigation, basically because she was in over her head an experienced lawyer to help, and he had worked with her on the case for several months.  Regarding her competency, he testified: “I cannot think of any occasion on which I have found an attorney to be so ill prepared and so ill qualified to conduct a major litigation….She appeared to be an unstable person….Either she is a congenital liar or she is not able to distinguish reality from fiction….” Continue reading

Confessions of a beer snob

Ok, I admit it: I despise most Domestic beer, but I love American micro-brewed beers.  I wasn’t always like this. I grew up on PBR and Miller and Coors and Bud. There was a time that I thought they were great!  I frankly don’t remember my first micro-brewed beer. But it may have been in 1990 when I visited San Francisco.  I do remember that is when I had my first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  I fell in love.

I didn’t set out to be a beer snob.  We had a local beer and wine shop that sold nearly every variety of micro-brews known to man back when micro-brews were not popular. I went from Wicked Pete’s, Samuel Adams, and Anchor Steam and most of the more mainstream micro brews to the exotics.  I tried Belgium Ale and German and Austrian, Japanese and Australian. Yeah, I even tried some of the beers that add crap other than water, barley, hops and yeast as allowed by good old Reinheitsgebot. I hate additives, too. Limes are for Key Lime Pie and Margueritas, not beer.  And Lite beer? It’s like drinking beer colored water.  Continue reading

The ballad of brave Sir Eric

This is the tale of a Knight who lived long ago, in a place far away: Sir Eric of Richmondham, bravely rode off to do battle with the Evil Queen Pelosi, and her Minister of Death Sir Harry.  The Evil Queen along with her hencemen Harry of Nothingness, had, behind the scenes, usurped the throne of King George the Simple. And she was forcing the King to turn the economy into ruin. Even the “know-nothings” in China and Russia realized that the Evil Queen Pelosi was forcing socialism down the throats of the peasants, in the guise of “saving the economy.” 

Queen Pelosi’s evil plan was to sacrifice young virgins to the dragon that was terrorizing The Castle of Washington.  The dragon, known simply as “Too Big to Fail,” demanded: “Girls. And Really Pretty.”  In a flash, word went out far and nigh: “We need G.A.R.P.  Too big to Fail demands G.A.R.P.” 

Of course, Sir Eric of Richmondham at first refused to turn over the riches of the kingdom to the Evil Queen Pelosi, and her evil henchman Sir Harry. Nay! Instead, he gathered up his rocks to click together, and his band of merry traveling minstrels, and bravely trotted–OK, well he walked while pretending to trot on a horse–off to the Castle at Washington to do battle with the evil Queen. As he went, his minstrels sang:

Minstrels: “Bravely bold Sir Eric rode forth from Richmondham.
He was not afraid to die, O brave Sir Eric!
He was not afraid to be killed in nasty ways by the Press, his guts strewn about in a big fat mess!
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Eric!
He was not in the least bit afraid, to be mashed into a pulp by Katie C, or Wolfie B.
He was not afraid to have his balls cut off by Move On dot org, or to be made a fool by Dan Rather. Or t
o have his kneecaps split, and his body burned away by Teddy K.
And his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Eric!

Sir Eric: “Ok, that will be enough singing for now lads!”

Minstrels: …”His head smashed in by the Wa-a-Po and his heart cut out by the N.Y.T.. And his liver removed by TheDailyBeast, his bowels unplugged by U.P.I., And his nostrils raped by Dailykos, and his bottom burned off by HuffingtonPost, And his penis…”

Suddenly, the Mainstream Media arrived, the singing ceased, and they interviewed Brave Sir Eric. They asked him tough questions such as: “What if Too Big To Fail destroys the Castle? What if the planned G.A.R.P. does not get to Too Big To Fail soon enough? You are going to vote to sacrifice Girls, And Pretty Ones, at the alter of Too Big To Fail, aren’t you? What if you are wrong? All the wizards and sorcerers all say that G.A.R.P. is the only way! Sir Obama, the Prince in Waiting, and even the old and senile Knight McCain believe it is the only way. Surely you do not claim to know more than them?…” 

And with similar and sundry other questions, the Mainstream Media weakened the knee of Sir Eric. Continue reading

And for my liberal readers

Show your pride in der Fuerher!

Show your pride in der Fuerher!

Another fine idea for a father’s day present

Who wouldn’t want one of these beautiful babies?

All Republicans should oppose the Sotomayor Supreme Court Nomination

Based solely upon two reasons. 1) Barack Obama opposed both

no more "Mr. Nice Kitty"

no more "Mr. Nice Kitty"

Roberts and Alito solely upon their judicial philosophy being more conservative than he preferred.  2) Judge Sotomayor was (until a couple of days ago) a member of a group that discriminated against men. 

Use President Obama’s own standard against him.  You should not need a better reason than that. Ok, I’ll accept that you believe that Sotomayor might not be the worst possible nominee, and if successfully opposed, he might nominate somebody worse. But even that is a puny reason, because they have the votes even if all Republicans oppose her. So oppose her! What have you got to lose.

And being a member of a group that discriminates on the basis of sex is prohibited by the Judicial Code of Conduct:  “A judge should not hold membership in any organization that practices invidious discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, or national origin.”  This is not just some minor deal. How would you like to be a man whose case was being heard by a woman who was a member of a group that discriminated against men? [No snarky replies that all women discriminate against men.]  EVEN a whackjob from democraticunderground finds her position squirrley. Continue reading

IF any of you stupid asses EVER believed that liberals were principled in their condemnation of Fox News for being biased

Rest your pretty little heads. The absolute and utter silence of the

Aobama Broadcasting Company

Aobama Broadcasting Company

whacky left towards the ABC News “infomercial” exposes the truth: Liberals do not give a shit about news being unbiased, they only care about it being biased against them. 

ABC News has taken a dump all over fairness and unbiased reporting. They will be broadcasting live from the White House, giving Obama’s healthcare plan free publicity. And they refuse to allow the Republicans to pay for commercial air time to get their own point accross.  If this does not make your skin crawl then you are no longer an American. You do not believe in “Freedom” of the Press, you believe in State sponsored press. You believe that Pravda is better than “Independent News.”     

Perhaps I am being naive. Perhaps there has never been such a thing as an independent press or independent news.  I know that such things are talked about, but as long as I can remember they have been more like the elusive unicorn, or perhaps like the passenger pidgeon. Perhaps all that is happening is that ABC has taken down the facade. Or is coming out of the closet. No more pretending to be unbiased. No more hiding their true selves.  They are in the tank for Obama, their nose is so far up his ass he won’t need a colonoscopy until after his term expires. So don’t give me this shit about “Faux News” is biased. Fox News is composed of a bunch of pikers compared to ApravBdaC “News.”