FINALLY a Democrat legislator did something that I can applaud!

Ho had it comin

Ho had it comin

I do my best to be non-partisan. I’m a conservative, not a Republican.  Most of the time I can’t support Democrats, because they are usually wrong. But my inability to support them gives the appearance that I am a partisan-Republican.  Not.  Much of what the Republicans do causes me to puke. In my mouth.

But finally, I found something that a Democrat did that I can applaud whole-heartedly.  U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) allegedly pushed Rep. Maxine Waters while both were in the floor of the House.  She wanted to appropriate money for a “monument to me”–a school named after her back in California. He was refusing to approve the earmark, so she took offense.

Afterwards, she started whining like a little school girl: “He pushed me! He touched me first! Whiiiiiiiiine.”  GOOD! Push the dumb bitch. Take a cane to her if you must.  Just stop this bullshit spending of money by politicians to promote themselves. Fight, Representative Obey, fight!

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