“Independent voters for Obama” were either stupid or gullible

”]Kentucky "Thoroughbred" For Sale by Owner, $300 k? O.B.O.  [Ooops! I forgot the O in front of K! Never mind, people will know I meant $300, not $300k.]Bear with me here. This is not a comment just to insult independents.  And I have recent polling data to back up my argument.  The new poll shows Obama’s overall popularity has fallen from 61% to 56%. Not that big of a slide, and still very good over-all. But–but–his overall approval rating among “independent” voters dropped from 60% to 45%.  That is a huge drop off since April, 2009.  Of course Democrats support  him, and of course Republicans don’t.  That’s why it is so huge that “independents” are deserting him.

As an article in The WSJ points out: “[I]ndependents are starting to simply view the president as more liberal than they expected. The share of independents who say Mr. Obama is a liberal has risen to a substantial 64% from 46% two months ago. A large portion of them actually classify him as “very liberal.” That’s a particular problem because independents tend to view themselves as center-right — 78% call themselves moderate or conservative — so they see a president moving to the left of where they are.”

Now here is my point: What fucking moron did not know Obama is who we (the Right) said he was? Did any rational human being really think that this affirmative action loving, community organizing, Chicago thugging, Rev. Wright disciple would suddenly become a moderate?  The right was screaming for months that he was one of if not the most liberal U.S. Senator.  We told you he was lying. And it is not as though we were that smart. The left knew he was lying. In fact, to the extent that they are disappointed in him now, it is because he is not governing as liberally as they had hoped.  They saw almost his entire campaign as being conducted with a wink and a nod and with his fingers crossed behind his back. They see his few feints at moderation as being a sell-out, and/or the few bones that have been tossed to “moderates” as being a sop to placate the moderates while he pursues his more liberal agenda where it really matters. 

The liberals of this country are by and large the most ignorant people you will ever meet. They are brainwashed, told what to think, givin talking points to spout out, and wound up and sent like robots into the streets to push for their agenda.  Yet they knew who Obama really was.  It was never really even a question in their minds.  You stupid “independents” who voted for him should hang your heads in shame.  OMG! I can’t believe I wired the entire contents of my 401(K) to that guy in Nigeria after he told me he would split $417 million U.S. dollars with me! Holy Shit, I can’t believe I paid $300,000.00 for that “thoroughbred” race horse from Kentucky without actually inspecting him first.  And now this.  I can’t believe I swallowed that load of crap that Obama was selling.

Don’t worry, I’m not letting the Repubicans off easy, either. What fucking morons nominated John McCain for the Presidency? Are you serious?  Any nominee who did not drag his or her knuckles on the ground or drool when they were on T.V. could have beaten this skinny little Muslim-loving prick from the ‘hood.  No, wait, all of the major Republican candidates were fucking losers. (With the possible exception of Mitt Romney, and who the hell trusts a former Republican Governor from the Peoples’ Republic of Massachusetts?). 

Ok, I’ll grant you that the options were shitty. But back to my point: not knowing Obama was a liberal? You morons.  And see, I didn’t just write this article to condemn independents. I condemned all liberals, Republicans, and  condemned you “independents” who were so ignorant that you couldn’t figure out that Obama is a liberal.  You proud of yourselves?

3 responses to ““Independent voters for Obama” were either stupid or gullible

  1. Condemnation does not help. What is past is prologue. Because voters voted for Obama, we will have four years of Obama in office. How much more punishment do we need?

  2. The first rule of changing one’s mind is to be shown the error of one’s ways. If independents don’t truly realize how Obama made complete and utter and fools of them, they might do the same damn thing next time. My purpose is not to gloat, but rather to show them the error of their ways, and then to sear into their memories just how ignorant they have been, what fools they have been played for. Many have seen the error of their ways, but not all. Not by a long shot. I am not saying I have never been fooled. I made the same mistake when I voted for Carter; I haven’t made that mistake since. For those who see the error of their ways, I welcome them back as comrades…

  3. O M G what is wrong with its back it looks looks like it is broken even though if it was broken it couldn’t stand

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