Some top moments in my life

I just walked past a park with 8-10 games of coed volleyball games going on, and it made me think of some top moments or days in my life (none x-rated, that is a post for a different blog), in no particular order:

1. Any high school football game that I played in front of thousands; or any hockey game played in front of dozens. Or any baseball game played in front of anybody. Win or lose.

2. Hunting: I’ve never enjoyed actually killing animals. I see why the American Indians were almost reverent of the spirit of the animal. But the adrenelin rush when that big buck is first spotted, or that flock of ducks circles the decoys, cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

3. Fishing: I’ve  heard it said that piloting warplanes in WWII was hours and days of boredom, followed by seconds of sheer terror. Fishing is  hours of boredom followed by seconds of fun.  Watching that bass follow your top water lure and hit it hard.  Feeling that deep tug, fighting that unknown that animal, until it leaps free of the water, shakes it head and looks magnificent! That’s fishing.

4. ANY day that I’ve spent the majority of it outside.

5. ANY day that I’ve spent on a boat. Ok, there were a couple when I got seasick, but other than that…

6. ANY day that I’ve spent the majority of it with my family, except for a couple long drives.

7. Getting an incredible poker hand. Happens far too seldom. I know, it sounds petty, but getting a straight flush with 5-7 of diamonds, when the other guy has the Ace high flush, and hundreds in his stack to call you with, is an incredible rush.

8.  Golfing with several buddies. And drinking. Preferably while playing captains’ choice and betting on the outcome.  I can’t tell you about what happened last week but I can recount in detail what happened on some golf courses twenty years ago.

9. Sadly, because it happens so seldom, at work, the few times that I have utterly and completely won a trial or a big settlement. Like when the adjuster offered $20,000, and the jury awarded my client $236,000.  Sweeeeet. Thank you for playing, bitch.

10. Time outdoors spent with friends and family. Church picnics, barbecues, get togethers. Alcohol, good food and good company. Camping trips (can you tell I’m an outdoor enthusiast?). Days and weekends at the lake.

I KNOW I’ve missed some good times. Anybody else?

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