Democrat Party = party of the misfits

We aren't freaks! We ARE the Democrat party!

We aren't freaks! We ARE the Democrat party!

“Geeks, sportos, motorheads, dweebs, dorks, sluts, butt heads …they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.” -Principal’s secretary in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  That so reminds me of the Democrat party and it’s adoration of President Obama. Because the Democrat party is so full of freaks and weirdos, many have forgotten what “normal” is.  This is in response to an article in today’s The Daily Beast that compares the Republican party to the party of zombies.  

Who are some of the freaks who make up the base of Democrat party? Greenies. PETA. ELFs. GLBTs. Hollywood actors & actresses. MSM. Hippies. Ex-hippie college professors. Dirty anti-war protesters. ACLU. Ambulance chasers. Atheists, agnostics and the ungodly. Unions (not necessarily the rank and file).  Welfare recipients.  Womens’ libbers. Commies and socialists. Convicts. Global warming alarmists. America haters.

You KNOW I’m right. If you aren’t a member of one a group of the freaks and weirdos previously mentioned.  This isn’t a condemnation of all Democrats. Many good people are still Democrats. I realize the reluctance of good people to just give up and admit that it is hopeless. It is tough to admit that the human vermin have taken over the leadership of the Democrat party, and changed it from what it used to be (a great party) to a party that stands almost reflexively against everything that made America great.  I’m not condemning you.  I realize that a large majority of blacks, hispanics and the poor believe (mistakenly) that the Democrat party is the party that has their best interests. I’m not condemning you–I just think you are mistaken.  I realize that many young people start off their adult lives believing all the crap that the Democrat party spews, how they are on the side of the little guy, blah blah blah. I believed that crap, too. Many of you will grow up, get a life and realize that your professors who tried to sell you on communism and moral relativism are wrong. I’m not condemning you. “If a man isn’t a liberal at twenty, he has no heart…”

I have two points to make. First, if I were a member of a political party that attracted so many freaks, geeks, sportos, motorheads, dweebs, dorks, sluts, buttheads and the like, I’d question why. Why am I, a normal God-fearing Patriotic hard-working family man or woman aligned with them? Am I missing something?

Second, no, I’m not happy about a lot of the people who call themselves Republicans, and I particularly loathe most Republican politicians, but the party is still where most people should be most attracted. The Republican party has it’s fair share of godless rich people who only care about themselves. The Republican party has its share of religious freaks who want to kill all the joy out of every body elses’ lives.

And Republican pols are for the most part gutless hypocrites who only care about getting re-elected and getting good reviews from the Mainstream Media.  They are at best marginally better for America than the Dem politicians.  The Dems actively work to undermine and bankrupt America. At least the Republican pols occasionally try to act as a drag on the destruction that the Dem pols are actively seeking.  The Republican party is in disarray, thanks to the last twelve out of twenty years of Bush Rule.  It will regain popularity. You can already sense it that people are uneasy about entrusting our government to the Pelosis and Reids and Kennedys and Obamas of the world. 

In short, we only have a two  party system. The music is stopping. Prepare to find a seat. Freaks on one side, normal people on the other. Go.

15 responses to “Democrat Party = party of the misfits

  1. This just about the most narrow-minded BS I’ve read in quite some time.

  2. Truth hurt, Harold?

  3. I like how Harold is hiding from his real name….LF….

    Come on Harold, quit being a pussy and tell us what we are missing about YOU and your faggot loving misfits…Suck dick, swallow hard and die soon…Oh yeah, Have a great weekend !

  4. hahahaha, go suck some cock you “god-fearing patriotic hard-working” piece of shit.


  5. republicans, on the other hand, are against faggots publicly but suck dick privately in airport bathrooms. Nice


  7. Ur time has passed, you flag-wavin’ muthafakkaz. Its our time now!!!

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  9. Er, I mean have a nice day.

  10. Hey John, how about Saturday August 1st for a trip to the lake? Our daughter from Ft. Lee can meet us there too !

  11. By golly, I think I can do it. Wife is gone now. Let me check with her, my social director, but almost positive no conflict.

  12. by golly, we may have a date…

  13. marco_valentine

    The Democratic Party continually needs to come in and put the country back on financial track, and back on top of the world stage, after the Repub Party has weakened America at home and abroad. The Repub Party won’t be happy until our county has fallen apart and the world is run by big corporations and “religious” people who are only looking to control others.

  14. Joe the Plumber

    You’re seriously confused.

    The GOP doesn’t believe in big government, but they need government institutions to placate special interests and stay in power so they’re UNABLE to reduce government and they’re UNWILLING to improve government because a functional government would invalidate their ideology.

    The result is when the GOP is in charge, we get INCOMPETENT government

  15. iSN’T THAT QUAINT Your Post speaks about the Vermin
    and they show up like Flies to a dead Rat !
    They have no Honor or Shame !
    But we already knew that didn’t we ?
    My favorite lie of the dirty greedy treasonous left
    is that stealing Trillions and Destroying the USA
    economy has been fantastic!
    Even your dirty Jew York Times has to admit how evil
    your economic policies are !

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