More Letterman jokes that you will never hear

"I'm gonna fuck you up!"

"I'm gonna fuck you up!"

“Michelle Obama has that Tyson-whore look going on: She looks like a cross between an angry Mike Tyson and a crack-whore who got stiffed by  her John.”   

"I'm gonna knock you out!"

"I'm gonna knock you out!"

“Malia Obama is confused since she stopped attending the Rev. Wright’s church. She keeps axing the same question over and over again: ‘Are whiteys all the Devil or aren’t they?'”
“Natasha Obama axed her mother recently: ‘When am I gonna get to smoke crack like Daddy did?'”
“President Obama really is a minority. He is one of the few black men in America who is still married and supporting his family.”
[This is dedicated to all you hypocritical liberals out there who are silent on the issue of Letterman joking about Palin’s 14 year old daughter being knocked up by ARod, and about her  having the slutty stewardess look going on.  We all know how you would have reacted if he had said those remarks about Michelle Obama and her daughters. See, e.g., Don Imus. So, now that your real standards have been exposed, get used to it.]

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