Obama, The Chicago Thug in Chief: “Investigate one of my contributors, get your ass fired!”

Young Thug cleans up well

Young Thug cleans up well

President Obama’s good black buddy and Presidential contributor Kevin Johnson was being investigated by an inspector general. The Obama Administration told him he had an hour to take his shit and leave or he would be fired. No story here. Move along.

WASHINGTON – “President Barack Obama says he has lost confidence in the inspector general who investigates AmeriCorps and other national service programs and has told Congress he is removing him from the position.”

“Obama’s move follows an investigation by IG Gerald Walpin of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who is an Obama supporter and former NBA basketball star, into the misuse of federal grants by a nonprofit education group that Johnson headed.”

Mr. Walpin is no lightweight.  From an official  press release when he was hired for the job:  

“For over 40 years, Walpin was a partner with the New York City law firm Katten Muchin and Rosenman LLP, chairing the firm’s litigation department, and is now Counsel to that firm. His practice included the determination of the existence of fraud within corporations, and recoveries resulting from such fraud. Before his private practice, he was law secretary to two Federal District Court Judges, served in the United States Air Force J.A.G., and was the Chief of Special Prosecutions for the United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York. He also served as President of the Federal Bar Council, the bar association of attorneys practicing in the Second Circuit Federal Courts, from 2002 to 2004. He received a bachelor’s degree from City College of New York and graduated cum laude from Yale Law School.”

Dat Obama is pwetty good!

Dat Obama is pwetty good!

The purported reason why BiG ThUg oBamA wants to fire him? Because the acting U.S. Attorney Lawrence Brown said Walpin had not investigated the incident thoroughly enough.  From the curiously incurious WaPo:

“In August 2008, Walpin referred the matter to the local U.S. attorney’s office, which said the IG’s conclusions seemed overstated and did not accurately reflect all the information gathered in the investigation.”

” ‘We also highlighted numerous questions and further investigation they needed to conduct, including the fact that they had not done an audit to establish how much AmeriCorps money was actually misspent,’ Acting U.S. Attorney Lawrence Brown said in an April 29 letter to the federal counsel of inspectors general.”

He didn’t do a thorough enough investigation? Evidently the inspecter general found something: “The U.S. attorney’s office reached a settlement in the matter. Brown cited press accounts that said Johnson and the nonprofit would repay half of nearly $850,000 in grants it received.”

Hey, he lost my confidence. It must be around here some place...

Hey, he lost my confidence. It must be around here some place...

And then GUESS WHAT? Mr. Walpin publicly lashed out at the settlement agreed to by the acting U.S. Attorney.  From a Sacramento Bee story: He claimed it was half the amount that they should have repaid, and it did not prevent them from obtaining federal funds in the future, and the payments are to be spread out over ten years (and the establishment would likely go under before then and never actually repay the money).

At the end of his charges, he summed it up: “[The U.S. Attorney’s]Touting the settlement as being in the government’s interest “is an attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes,” Walpin charged.”

But Thug In Chief Obama “lost confidence” in him. Yeah, just like Michael Corleone lost confidence in his brother Fredo.  I guess Obama could have handled it more poorly. Mr. Walpin could have ended up “sleeping with the fish.”

Fortunately, Sen. Grassley and Hot Air, Byron York and others are on the story. Senator Grassley fired off a letter pointing out that the Senate is supposed to be informed why the inspector general is being fired. I’m gonna hold my bref while I wait for WaPo or NYTs to actually investigate the real reason Obama wants him fired. Not.

UPDATE I: Well looky, looky. “Acting U.S. Attorney” Lawrence G. Brown within the last couple of weeks pulled the plug on another five year investigation into the corruption of a Democrat running for Mayor of Oakland, CA.  No explanation, no nothing. Guess he wants to make sure he gets the actual appointment from BiG tHuG!

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