Obama Administration freezing personal bank accounts without a warrant

Listen in on a few phonecalls origination outside the USA by suspected terrorists? GW Bush is a lawless dictator! whined the leftists. But let the Obama Administration freeze the personal bank accounts of US citizens? Without any indictments or charges or even any legal basis for doing so.  Deathly silence from the Obama Kool Aid Brigade.  

Can't tax 'em enough? Seize their bank accounts then!

Can't tax 'em enough? Seize their bank accounts then!

Hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions, play poker on-line for money.  I used to be one of them.  I simply had my bank wire a deposit to my account on “Party Poker.”  Enter a tournament for $20.00, your account decreases by that amount. Win $100.00 in that tournament, $100 is added to your account, etc.  Only one state, Washington, has a law making such activity illegal.  All of the gambling sites are outside of the U.S. 

Then in the past couple of years, the U.S. made it illegal for American banks to deposit funds into such establishments outside the U.S.  This was in response to the legal gambling establishments in the U.S. complaining about lost revenue due to gamblers playing on line instead of traveling to bricks and mortar establishments. But the law did not make it illegal for U.S. Citizens to gamble at the establishments, it merely made it more difficult. For instance, instead of having their bank deposit the money, the gamblers could travel to the foreign countries and deposit the money themselves. Or they could have their bank wire the money into a third-party like PayPal, who would then deposit the money for them. And this activity is still not illegal. But the Obama Administration has frozen the funds coming and going to these gambling sites.

I’ll get touchy feely for you liberals who don’t care about law and order but do care about “feelings”: Imagine, you try to pay your mortgage only to have the check bounce because your checking account was frozen by an Obama Administration federal prosecutor. How would that make you “feeeeeeeel”?  Some of these people make their living doing this. You might not approve, but it is legal, and they enjoy it and they don’t harm anybody.  But the Government under President has essentially taken their money without any legal authority. 

Sure, you could ignore this. Heck, if some millionaire gamblers lose all access to their money, what do you care, right? First, they came for the secured creditors of Chrysler, and I said nothing, for my 401(K) did not own any shares of Chrysler. Then, they came for the gamblers. And I did nothing, because I did not gamble…

One response to “Obama Administration freezing personal bank accounts without a warrant

  1. “well, we all know theirs huge benefits to register a company in Cyprus, lol. My account pointed me to a few blogs on the net which i’m rather reluctant to check out as i’ve been so busy lately”

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