Random DUMB things that I’ve done in my life

And hope that my son will never do:

1. Skinny-dipped in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior in the same week-long trip.

2. Drove drunk through customs into Canada late at night as an eighteen year old (no problem, eh?), and then drove back through customs sober during the day whilst trying to hide some duty-free liquor (big problem).

3. Gone streaking. Too often to remember. I was young.

4. Got in a fight with a guy +60 lbs. bigger than me. He won, but he broke his hand doing it.

5. “Borrowed” my father’s car–before I was old enough to have a license. Several times.

6. Used my artistic ability to use paint to alter my drivers’ license to allow me to get into bars and buy alcohol years before I was legally able to do so.

7. Grew marijuana. Before I was eighteen.  Isn’t there a statute of limitations on possession?

8. Dropped out of college and did not bother to officially withdraw there from. 

9. Went scuba diving at night 5 miles off the Florida keys. In an inflatible raft.

1o. And last, but not least for now, I cast my first Presidential election ballot for Jimmy Carter (over Gerald Ford). Mea culpa.

How about youse guys? Anybody feeling like a little confession is good for the soul?

2 responses to “Random DUMB things that I’ve done in my life

  1. Marijuana, Bootleg booze, streaking, forgery, drop-out, striveled up testes all add up to DUMB things. So what is one more like voting for Carter.
    Glad u straightened out.LOL

  2. too many people here know me…sorry

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