OH STOP IT with the “Is Deeds playing the religion card?” crap

1244222146041Sure, it makes perfect sense to piss off 14% or so of the voters in Virginia. I’m sure that is why he noted that he was the only Presbyterian running against three Catholic contenders. Just to play the religion card. As a Baptist, I can assure you that Baptists, the majority denomination of all the Protestant Christian denominations in Virginia, think almost as low about Presbyterians as they do Catholics. (Hey, we Baptists think everybody else is wrong, even other Baptists.) So if Creigh “Dirty” Deeds is “playing the religion card” he isn’t playing it very well. Advertizing that he is a Presbyterian isn’t going to win him many votes with Baptists, and would lose him a helluva lot of Catholic votes.  Catholics make up approximately 14-15% of the electorate (I could only find a cite that was as of 1990, so it may be higher).  Here is a Presbyterian site that claims the Presbyterians made up 2.24% of the population of Virginia. Catholics being prolific breeders and all, it is probably a greater disparity by now.

THE REAL STORY, the real line of attack, that should be taken from that article in the WaPo is this paragraph:    

“Deeds, who contends that he will not be outflanked as “the most progressive candidate in this race,” argues for increasing public investment in colleges, energy research and green technology — even in this economy. In his fast-talking, fact-spewing style, Deeds barely pauses for breath when he says that, no, he will never make a no-tax-increase pledge.”

Hang him with his own words. They worked so well for Mikey Signer. He got away as being considered the more moderate of the three Democraps running. But his own words prove he himself does not consider that to be true. Don’t let idiots like Anonymous is a Retarded Woman get away with selling to the public that Deeds is a “moderate” Democrat.  Bull shit.  Deeds contends that he will not be outflanked as “the most progressive candidate in this race.”  Hey, I want to attack the guy too, on every legitimate issue. I just don’t think that the “religion card” is an issue.

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