Creigh Deeds went to the same law school as John Doe

I never heard that during the campaign, but saw it in my alumni magazine last night. Something like, “Creigh Deeds (J.D. ’84) is running for Governor of Virginia.” He was a hand full of years ahead of me. 

Go Deacs!

Go Deacs!

Before you flaming liberals get concerned about that, no worries.  Wake Forest Law School was infested with flaming, frothing at the mouth liberals, even back then. It undoubtedly has gotten worse over the years, but it was bad enough back then. Ex-hippies as professors, little mind-numb robotic students who lapped up their every word without thinking.  They drove around in the Beemers bought by Daddy and Mummy, never realizing that they could afford Wake Forest because of the conservative values of their parents.  Obviously, all that flaming liberalism either did not stick or wore off some on Mr. Deeds, as he was considered the most “moderate” of the three candidates. 

Law school is where I first learned to hate liberals.  I saw first hand how they lied. How they shouted down dissent. How they are afraid, literally afraid, to let the other side of any debate to be  heard.  As my readers should know by now, I welcome debate. I look forward to it. We conservatives have facts, history, and the truth on our side. Liberals have lies, falsehoods, and a history of failing wherever their ideas are implemented as proof that they are wrong on so many issues.  Does liberalism “work”? See bankrupt California, see virtually any inner city in America. Go Demon Deacons.

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