Carrie Prejean fired after all

Fuck you Donald Trump

Fuck you Donald Trump

Their excuse? She didn’t fulfill her “contractual obligations.”  GOOD FOR HER. You bastards let some AIDS infested faggot steal the title of Miss USA from her, and then expect her to sit back and be a good little girl? You liberals all over America pissed all over her merely for saying the exact same thing about same sex butt buddies wanting to get “married” as was said by President Obama and V.P. Biden. She’s got more class in her little finger than all you “progressives” combined.

Donald Trump gave the final ok: “I told Carrie she needed to get back to work and honor her contract with the Miss California Organization and I gave her the opportunity to do so,” Trump said in the same documents. “Unfortunately it just doesn’t look like it is going to happen and I offered Keith my full support in making this decision.”

“According to a source, Prejean has aspirations to write a book and pursue other opportunities, which she will be able to do now that she has been released from her duties as Miss California.”

UPDATE: My postion is that NO, she isn’t a spokesperson for all things conservative.  She’s just a beauty pageant contestant. But she IS worthy of support.  She’s being attacked for having a personal opinion that happens to be conservative.  Her expressed opinion is no different than what was expressed by President Obama when he was campaigning for the presidency.  So what that she isn’t perfect? Nobody is. Homos and their godless heathen friends are trying to con us into thinking that only the perfect can oppose “gay marriage.”  And to make anyone think twice about voicing opposition to their amoral agenda that they are trying to jam down our throats.  Sorry, Butch and Bobbi, that type of hard ball only makes me more determined.

17 responses to “Carrie Prejean fired after all

  1. Prejean is guaranteed at least two best selling books now (i mean books without pictures)

  2. Hey, Bowler, welcome. And you may be pleased to note that I favor legalization. See, e.g.,

  3. Yeah. She got fired because instead of carrying out the Miss USA duties, she went to speak at a gay-bashing rally.

    You may not like it, but the title of Miss USA is supposed to go to a woman who stands for ALL Americans. Including the gay ones. And I realise that you have a problem with gay people, but it’s important that you come to terms with the fact that it’s YOUR problem, not theirs.

  4. Hey Max, so by expressing her opinion, she’s somehow standing against gay Americans? What planet are you from? She clearly said it was her personal belief and she meant no offense. By the way, why was Hilton allowed to use this venue to air his political agenda? Funny thing how that tolerance thing only cuts one way, isn’t it?! Btw, this isn’t even about her not being crowned ‘Miss USA’, it’s about her having the Miss California title pulled away from her. Pay attention Max, it’s not that tough…

  5. Lol, at sex tape scandal…

  6. It’s funny how “open-minded” the liberals are when it is a person of conservative values who does something. If it was a liberal it wouldn’t even be an issue. She took the exact same position on homo marriage as did the wildly popular Obama. He gets elected president, she gets fired. Opposing homo marriage doesn’t mean that you are perfect, it means that you oppose homo marriage.

    Here, perhaps this will help even a twit to understand: If YOU oppose beastiality, does that mean that you never made a sex tape [or fill in the blank something else dumb that you have done]?

  7. So, a videotape surfaces that shows her repeatedly shoving her entire fist in her twat. And I guess even the twits that can’t spell “bestiality” on here will somehow try and defend that dumb bitch.

  8. Funny, if she was some avowed immoral faggot, you’d not say a word about her, she wouldn’t even be news to you. Admit it, AIDS breath, you are just looking for a reason to attack her. If not you, then all the other faggots of the world.

  9. Morality isn’t WHAT you do, it is WHY you do it.

    The hypocrisy of conservatives… er those who pretend to be conservatives, is what the liberals delight in.
    Carrie has sold out at every opportunity she has been given… with her “boyfriends”, with the beauty pageants, and now with the neo-cons who are exploiting her sexed up body and blond hair and blue eyes… she is a bimbo because that is what she has chosen to be. What is the word we use for women who use their sexuality to get what they want??? Oh yeah, whores.

  10. Hey, kcdad, thanks for clearing that up. Because, by hypocrisy, I thought you might have meant:
    -Al Gore’s $30,000/yr. 221,000 kw hour energy bill for his residence… or
    -Rosie ‘If you own a gun you go to prison’ O’Donnell, who’s bodyguard packs heat…or
    -Michael Moore, who gets his post-production work done in Canada, where he escapes paying union wages…or
    -Gloria ‘A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’ Steinem who MARRIED David Bale in 2000, entering an institution she said makes women a ‘semi non-person’…or
    -Nancy Pelosi who accepted the Cesar Chavez United Farmworkers Union awards while using non-UFW labor in her Napa Valley vineyard (don’t get me started on her hotel and restaurant labor)…or
    -Jesse Jackson, who admitted that at the time he was counseling Bill Clinton on the Monica Lewinski debacle (eh-hem!), that he was having an extramarital with a subordinate–who gave birth to his child…or
    -Teddy ‘Bring your floaties’ Kennedy, known for his pro-alternative energy stance suddenly went silent when a wind-power project was proposed 6 miles off the Kennedy compound in Hyannis. While it wouldn’t have been visible from the compound, it was in the path of one of the Kennedy’s favorite yachting areas…or
    -Well, all of the Hollywood limousine Liberals in general…or

    My hands are getting tired, shall I go on??? No? Hmm, I didn’t think so…

    Look people, she’s 22 for God’s sake. Let me see if I understand this, she makes a private tape for someone she loved, he exploits it for $–and because her personal opinion is that she doesn’t support same-sex marriage, she’s not allowed to have made a mistake…in fact, not allowed to sin? Here’s the bad news people, ALL humans sin. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are. Get over it.

    As for how this tape suddenly damages her credibility as a private citizen who is pro-traditional marriage and against same-sex marriage–you remember, the crux of why you dont’ like her–I remain confused.

    Now do something useful and go tell some young person you love them and caution them on the dangers of under-thinking and over-using all the readily available, permanent recording methods that exist today, all in the name of what they think is ‘love’.

  11. Why do you care who gets married? It’s none of our business what people do in their private lives. Happiness is an equal right for all. Let’s focus on real problems that will truely affect the future of the US, like education, bringing the troops back, and creating a stronger economy.

  12. Why do you care if people torture animals? Our have sex with corpses? Or watch child porn? “It’s none of our business what people do in their private lives.” Further, why should you care that I despise homos, “in the privacy of my own home”?

  13. Did you know that the bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality, but it does condemn sex before marriage?

    You are just another ignorant using the bible, lack of education, and the constitution to defend your intolerant world views.

  14. Wrong again, kind sir. The Bible DOES condemn homsexuality.

  15. JD,
    Clearly, some of these respondents’ comments are steeped in ignorance, I’m not sure name-calling and remarks bordering on wishing deadly diseases on them will help them see the light. It only makes them cling tighter to their ignorance. Gospel to these people is what they hear and see on ‘TMZ’,’People magazine’, and the like. In effect, they’re just willing victims starving for what Hollywood and the media feed them–and they let these sources shape their morals and ideals. Sad.

    But that said, hate the sin, not the sinner. Pointing out where they’re wrong and praying they receive enlightenment is about all one can do. You can’t blame the dark for being dark–you can only blame the light for not shining in the dark.

    The Bible does condemn homosexuality–as it does heterosexual sex outside of marriage. Dig deeper, start with Leviticus. if you cannot find it, I will help you.

  16. You are correct. I was having a moment of weakness. I’ll edit my own comment.

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