BREAKING NEWS: Sasha Obama pregnant with Rev. Wright’s love child?

Meanwhile, Malia was shown how to deal drugs on the street by her “hip” real daddy. Hint, her real daddy isn’t Barack Obama!  Oh, no John! That is pathetic.

But “There was one awkward moment during the baseball game for Sarah Palin. During the 7th inning her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.” Oh, ho ho ho! That is soooo funny David Letterman. On national T.V. You are a such a hoot. Listen to the applause this “joke” got from his liberal audience. 

The daughter who was with Sarah Palin at the game was Willow, a 14 year old child.  He he. So funny joking about statutory rape by a star baseball player.  If I were Mr. Palin I would go knock his teeth in. He wouldn’t have to worry about that fucking gap tooth look anymore.

6 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Sasha Obama pregnant with Rev. Wright’s love child?

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  2. that was spam that slipped past the spam filter…

  3. Hate when that happens…glad to see ya back.



    Hugs yah fifty year olde golfer…!

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