Congress to give away more of our money to bail out the UAWs

Congress to consider cash for clunkers.” This is wrong on so many levels.  The Govt takes over Chrysler and GM, and gives them to the union thugs who played a major role in driving those companies out of business.  After having pumped billions into those failing companies, in behavior that is reminiscent of bailing water out of the Titanic, only to discover that the companies still produce  shitty vehicles, now Congress is going to give away our tax dollars to prompt people to sell their clunkers and buy new vehicles.  This brilliant fucking idea is supposed to cause consumers to buy new vehicles which supposedly will help Chrysler and G.M., with the added benefit that it will help cut down on emissions and save on our energy consumption.  All laudible goals, but not with my fucking tax money.

Let’s look at what possibly could go wrong, shall we? First, what are you going to do with all those perfectly good vehicles that the Gummint is trying to encourage citizens to scrap? And consumers do not buy enough Chrysler and G.M. vehicles now, so what makes the Government think they will if given a chance in the future? My guess is that the Fords and Toyotas and Mazdas and Hondas will benefit from this brilliant scheme, not the two failing companies that are the intended beneficiaries. 

And certainly the Govt cannot favor G.M. and Chrysler over the other carmakers, giving rebates only for vehicles produced by those two automakers.  Surely the American people will rise up and revolt if the Government takes our tax dollars and uses them to support two automakers to the detriment of all the others. Besides such a scheme being clearly uncontitutional.

This is just a quickening of the socialism that is gripping this country since the Dems have come to power.  Sure, I’d love to have a new car. Sure, I’d love a rebate. But it is not your money to give away you worthless bastards.  This is vote buying. This is pandering. This is Big Government knows best, damn the unintended consequences, full speed ahead.

In years past, the Big Three built “planned obsolescence” into their products. They built vehicles to wear out so that they could sell consumers new ones more quickly. At a time when we should be conserving, keeping what we have, and making do with older vehicles, the Government is trying to get us to buy new ones that we don’t really need. If we needed them, we would not need a $4,500 rebate to cause us to buy one. This is a scheme aimed at creating artificial demand. Message to Congress: stay the fuck out of the free market.

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