Va Democrat Goober-natorial primary a replay of GOP USA Presidential primary

I have not seen this noted elsewhere, but I assume it has been: The Va Dem Gov primary reminds me of the GOP USA Presidential primary, in reverse.  In the Dem primary the liberal vote is being split, and in the GOP the conservative vote is split. I confess, I don’t follow Dem politics, but I assume Deeds is the more conservative, and those other two morons are the more liberal, of the three candidates. The liberals and some of the moderates will split their votes amongst the two morons, and Deeds will win. 

In the GOP, the evil creep formerly known as Gov. Huckabee, along with Fred Thompson and others early on, split the conservative vote with Romney, while Guiliani dropped out early and threw his support behind the Fat Cow’s father (er, McCain what’s his name). 

Personally, I’d rather have Brian Moron, or McMoron win, than Deeds. No way in hell Virginia would elect one of those commies to the Governorship. Would they? Please note, I am still not endorsing The Hairdoo’d Smiler, a.k.a. Bob McDonnell. He has not won my vote yet.

P.S. Fisherville Mike, one of the “cool kids”, has come close to saying this in “Blame Game.”  He’s one of the “cool kids” because he gets linked so often to “The Other McCain.” P.P.S. Although, frankly, “The Other McCains'” continual listing of “Below the Beltway” in favorable terms causes me to question their intelligence. How can one so-perfect blog be so wrong about that Creten at “Below the Beltway”?

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