TWA Flight 800–Not all conspiracies are for kooks

twaI’ll try to summarize why this is one government cover-up that you should believe in so that you will go look at the sites. TWA Flight 800 exploded and crashed over the ocean just off Long Island New York July 17, 1996.  The official government theory was that jet fuel in a tank ignited and caused an explosion which blew the nose of the jet off.

Unfortunately for the theory, 96 eyewitnesses saw a rocket shoot skyward towards the jet seconds before it blew up. One, a retired military pilot said  he saw 2-3 explosions before he saw a ball of fire which was caused by the fuel tank exploding. He says that he is familiar with what caused the explosion and he is convinced that it was military ordinance that caused the jet to explode.  Another eyewitness who saw virtually the same thing is a high school principal.  Another was a helicopter pilot, and another was a pilot of another jet that was flying near Flight 800.  Not only the eyewitnesses, but the FAA ground controllers imediately noted a fast moving object flying towards the doomed jet before it exploded, and they duly reported what they saw.

A fast moving ocean vessel large enough to show up on air traffic control radar was seen speeding from the location of the crash and was never identified.

The FBI (remember Agent Jim Kallstrom? A family member of one who died said to him that it must have been a rocket, and he allegedly told her, “you are right, but if you tell anyone, I’ll deny it.) and the CIA took over the investigation from the NTSB imediately. The FBI mistated what the witnesses said, and later claimed to have interviewed one key eyewitness a second time and that he changed his story at the second interview. Except that witness denies that there was a second interview. 

The government had two theories to explain away the eyewitness testimony. First, they claimed that all the eyewitnesses were wrong because there was no evidence of explosives recovered in the debris.  But a TWA employee saw a suspicious substance on some of the seats that were recovered. She cut off small parts and sent them to an a retired cop turned investigative reporter, who sent them off to be analyzed by an independent lab. The lab reported finding the residue of high tech explosives.  The woman and the reporter were then prosecuted by the U.S. Government for criminal conspiracy to steal U. S. property. They were convicted after not being allowed to tell the jury why they did what they did: to expose that the government was covering up what really happened. The U.S. claimed that a scientist tested the residue and that it was nothing but glue.  But the scientist who the U.S. claimed had made the statement denied that he ever had made the statement or that he had tested the residue.

Second, the Government claimed that what looked like something climbing skyward towards the jet was actually caused by the nose of the jet seperating from the remainder, and then the remainder “zoom-climbed” 1,700 to 3,000 feet before then falling to earth. This theory was roundly condemned by pilots, engineers and scientists as being contrary to the laws of physics and the law of gravity. So the government eventually withdrew this theory. But only much later, after all critical enquiry of the event had ceased to be news.

I couldn’t stop reading about this and watching a facinating 6 part series on youtube.  If anybody else is intereested see American Thinker article, Goddard’s Journal, The Simulation of Flight 800, and An AnalysisExposing the FBIs red herring, a New York Times article which casts doubt upon the government’s theory,  and this first part of the Youtube series:

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