FINALLY, the GOP forms a group to oppose ACORN

The Republicans have formed a group of people who will seek out Republicans where they live, work and play in order to get out the vote. Of course, rather than scour the slums with cigarettes, the Republican job is a bit more difficult. Instead of paying minimum wages to felons to sign up voters dozens of times, the price gets steeper to seek out Republican voters. The GOP will seek to be more nuanced, more diverse. Here is a list of their strategy, of people that they are seeking to reach out to the GOP base, straight from the National GOP computer which was hacked.

“Sauna Lurkers:” These individuals will lurk in the saunas and hot tubs of the Country Club or the Health Spa to which all good rich old fart Republicans belong. He or she must spend hours in the sauna each day, trying to persuade the movers and shakers of the community to vote Republican. Let’s face it, the rich are a natural constituent of the Republican party–so long as they did not inherit it as the Kennedys did.  The “Sauna Lurkers” job will be to convince the rich and famous that that the social con wing of the Republican party will be kept on a tether and only let inside for special occasions, such as each election, and then promptly forced outside again upon the completion thereof.  And the “Lurkers” must put up with the inevitable gropes and obscene proposals from the Republican base while in the saunas.

” The libertarian cat herders:”  These people must be hip, well edumacated, and patient. And they must smoke dope. Their job is to herd the thousands of strains of libertarian into one group and to get them to all agree to the same thing. A nearly impossible task, except that they only have to agree to the same thing for one day each year, Election Day.

“The moderate and RINO butt sniffers:”  Let’s face it, we all know moderates and RINOs don’t really care about politics. They care about popularity. About getting along. About not making enemies (except of social cons, they hate social cons).  So this class of Republican vote getters will go through out the community and stroke the egos of moderates and RINOs. “Yes, sorta free enterprise is wonderful. Yes, the pro-choicers and the pro-lifers are both wrong! Yes, YES, YESSSS! It’s cool when a Republican Senator suddenly switches parties after years of claiming to be a Republican!” These butt sniffers will  have to swallow their opinions, cut their I.Q. in half, and really make an attempt to kiss the asses of moderates and RINOs. But this will work, as moderates and RINOs know that they are dumb as dirt, and thus whenever anyone blows smoke up their ass and makes them think otherwise they immediately relate.

“Blue Collar Workers and Entrepreneurs and Military:” These people must go out and run America, and keep America running, and make the actual goods and services that make America great. And make the jobs that employ Americans. And pay the taxes that make America great. And keep America great. And feed America. And protect America. Oh, wait, never mind. These people already vote overwhelmingly Republican. They don’t need no fucking ACORN workers to go out and recruit them to vote Republican. And the fuckers in the previously mentioned groups won’t vote Republican unless some immoral moderate or RINO is the candidate. So never mind. The Republicans don’t need no fucking ACORN-type groups…

But I still love this article by Andrew Breitbart…

13 responses to “FINALLY, the GOP forms a group to oppose ACORN

  1. Totally and completely offensive with underlying racism. Not even humorous which is what I assume you were going for. So sad and just what i should have expected.

  2. Never, EVER, assume that I give a shit what you or anybody else thinks. And “underlying racism”? You. Stupid. Fuck. At least try to be original in your denunciation.

  3. Oh! You have been called racist before??? Well then obviously I chose the right word.

    Let me guess. You have a black friend. So you can’t be racist.

  4. No, you fucking moron, you are too fucking stupid to see that YOU are the racist ! You, I must guess, are part of the Obamanation of America, black and think we owe you retribution for something we had nothing to do with.

    Quit riding your horse thru the internet and own up to your own hatred of all things American. FUCKHEAD

  5. I don’t mind being called a racism if the shoe fits. But when you come in here and denounce a post as containing “underlying racism” utterly without any rational basis in fact, that bothers me. Perhaps if you would quit frothing at the mouth over perceived racism we could actually have a dialogue. If however you are a troll who is just here to insult, I’m quite sure that your next comment, if any, will reveal that fact, too.

  6. i’m white. most of acorn is black and latino. thats who they registered and thats who lives in the neighborhoods they work in. i’ve seen em clean up and empower people (mainly black older women – certainly not the most liberal crew)

  7. Good for you. They also commit voter fraud. Black voters voted 90%-95% in favor of Obama in the primaries. If that isn’t racism, I don’t know what is. And I wasn’t even TALKING about ACORN, I was using ACORN to make a play off what a Republican group whose purpose was the same as ACORNS–to organize and recruit new Republican voters–would look like. For you to come in here and accuse me of racism is typical comtemptible liberal activity. You need to keep the big gun in your pocket until racism really rears its ugly head. You are like the boy who cried “wolf” at the drop of a hat.

    p.s. by the way, I noticed that one of my visitor’s came to my website from their email at No, I’m not outing you or anybody else. Just saying if you have an obvious bias in favor of the organization, be honest about it. I’d frankly be shocked if some ACORN employee did not stand up and support their employer. I’m sure they do some good. Sounds like they also have some sinister activity going on, judging by the disgruntled employees who have been guests on “The Glenn Beck Show.”

  8. I’m not an employee of ACORN but I am close to some. They work hard and they are well meaning and the members are some of the most wonderful people who genuinely care about their communities and have NO other outlet. ACORN helps them to get drug dealers off their corners, to get speed bumps or stop signs, and also to help renegotiate their loans when they have become victims of predatory loans (which a former Wells Fargo worker just revealed that “ghetto loans” where given to “mud people” knowing they would default)

    I may have tossed around the term racist too loosely. But this isn’t my first time to your blog and I see a pattern. It’s not overt racism – it’s covert. And it’s more of a class issue that often gets confused with racism – so I suppose I jumped the shark a little.

    Plus: ACORN doesn’t commit voter fraud – the low paid part time employees that only wanted a paycheck did. The VR program is the one I have the most knowledge about (good friends ran several programs).

    And: The ACORN 8 were never employed by ACORN they were board members that went rogue and demanded to have access to info that wasn’t created yet – and that now has been supplied to the board members that are still in good standing.

    ACORN doesn’t do everything correctly – they have a shoestring budget and most of their offices are falling apart. But they are not the boogie man the right wing makes them out to be. That’s it.

    Oh – and I’m not a Dem, or even a Liberal. Straight down the center – realist, functionalist (and ACORN provides and plays a very real and needed function in this society – low income folks need and deserve a voice also)

  9. Ahhhh. I’m not an overt racist, I’m a covert racist!? Fuck you. I’m not a racist, period. And I don’t let faggot bitches like you make the claim without refuting them. I think you are a thief. I’m pretty sure you enjoyed sex with your mother. Course, I have no evidence. But I’ll make the baseless claim anyway. How does that make you feel?

  10. justified to continue to ignore these sort of attacks on acorn.

  11. you IGNORANT fuck. I wasn’t attacking ACORN. The entire purpose of the article was to poke fun at various forms of republicans, and how instead of going into the inner city to recruit people, they would have to sit around in suanas with fat rich people, or be a butt sniffer to RINOs. Be gone, you bore me. Anything that mentions ACORN is racist.

  12. oh I will be back.

    I enjoy imagining you froth.

  13. Good. I enjoy discussing issues with those who disagree with me. I just don’t like them resorting to the R bomb. If you have a point to make, please do. I will respond. That is how discourse takes place. It is counter-productive to call one a racist. If you can’t prove your case with facts and logic, and must resort to name calling, perhaps you should reassess your position.

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