Just heard a Mike Signer radio ad on Richmond’s WRVA

He claims to be the only “Progressive” candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia. Not sure I would be broadcasting that if I were him. “Progressive” appeals to about 20% of the population, and is toxic to another 60-70%, in my humble opinion. Could hardly think of anything that could be  worse:  “I’m the only socialist running.  I’m the only candidate with AIDS. I’m the only one who beats his wife. I’m the only moron.”  But hey, whoever is running those pathetic ads, keep it up.

I went to his website and basically learned that he went to U.Cal. Berkeley (pothead, come on, you know I’m right), went to law school, but went right into politics and apparently has never worked a day in his life outside of the Democrap party. Just what we need, a career pot-headed “progressive” Democrap in higher office. Where do you idiots find these quacks?

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