Franken leads Coleman by 312 votes

But as many as “2,812 dead people may be listed as having voted—either by error or fraud.”  You do the math.

Besides that, differing standards were used to tally what were “legal” votes in Democrat controlled areas than were used in Republican controlled areas. So the pro-Democrat “illegal” votes were counted more often than the Pro-Republican “illegal” votes.

 All Americans should be up in arms about this travesty.  The only fair thing to do is to hold another election.

4 responses to “Franken leads Coleman by 312 votes

  1. we can tell how ignorant you are by your use of the term “pro democrat” instead of democratic.

    also if you had actually watched any of the recount proceedings you would know that the board containing 2 solid republicans and a republican leaning independent voted UNANIMOUSLY for the results you see right now, in the most fair, open and carefully conducted election contest in the history of this country.

    a study recently found that the more tough questions somebody is asked in a supreme court oral argument, the more of a chance they have of losing.

    the coleman people were asked 60 tough questions and the franken people were asked 9. there is only one justice on that court who isn’t a republican. some of the comments made by the republicans justices in their incredulous skepticism of the weak flimsy coleman arguments were, “where is your proof? i have never seen anything like this in my entire career. if you are telling me that this is all you have to prove your case, you’re in big trouble.”

    you really ought to watch the hearings, and read the briefs, and see the ballots for yourself, before you go spewing off stupid false talking points like you have done here on your page.

  2. The Republicans are in favor of letting each local board use their own standards. Naturally, the Democrats cheat and fudge and push the limit to get all votes possible. And the Republicans strictly construe the laws to ensure they don’t even come close to cheating. In the end it treats different votes disparately–the democrap (there, is that better?) votes are more likely to be counted, the Republican votes less likely. And I don’t see you address the 2,812 dead voters who HAD THEIR VOTES COUNTED.

  3. I watched the whole thing on the uptake, and what i saw was that the republicans tried to disqualify many more legit voters who they knew were true American peace loving progressive liberal democrats.

    the democrats, on the other hand, were always far more fair.

    republicans would try to disqualify many, while democrats would follow the law.

    i can’t help it if the republicans stole two presidential elections in a row, and basically are cheaters, who have a habit of projecting their crimes onto others.

  4. You have a problem with projection, son. You democraps keep counting the votes until you are ahead, then stop counting and declare victory. See Minnesota, see Oregon, see failed attempt to win in Florida in Bush v. Gore. And all newspapers reported afterwards that if the votes HAD been counted in Florida, Gore lost. Perhaps you are too stupid to have read that, or too senile to remember, but it was widely reported.

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