National Rifle Association v. Chicago: Constitutional Right to Keep and to Bear Arms pissed upon. By “conservative” judges.

systemfailureWith utterly idiotic reasoning, a panel of conservative judges ruled that the Right to Keep and to Bear Arms as mentioned in the 2d Amendment does not apply when it is the states or municipalities seeking to infringe upon that right.  See Ann Althouse’s “Federalism is an older and more deeply rooted tradition than the right to carry any particular kind of weapon.”   

Maybe you have the rights, and the States can’t infringe upon them, or maybe you don’t. It depends.  The “right to an abortion, that is cleverly hidden from view within the Constitution? Oh, no, the U.S. Constitution forbids states from interfering with that precious right. The “right to homosexual behavior in private”? Oh, we just “discovered” that right that lay hidden in the Constitution all these over two hundred years! States can’t infringe upon that precious right to sodomy!  But the Right to Keep and to Bear Arms, that is explicitly set forth in the Second Amendment? No, go ahead States and cities, trample all over those rights! You. Fucking. Morons.

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