My Top Ten list of liberals whom I would bite if I got rabies

Be dumber, and you too could make this list

Be dumber, and you too could make this list

In the spirit of the recent Playboy list, sort of.  In no paraticular drunken order:

1. Keith Olbermann: I’d hate him if he were my own mother.

2. Algore: a fat hypocrite endlessly repeating lies is no way to go through life, son.

3. Whoopi Goldberg: there is a reason why she’s a dyke–no real man would have a thing to do with her.

4. Community Organizer Obama: a skinny-necked affirmative action project of George Soros.

5.  Chucky Schumer: looks like he has a perpetual case of constipation.

6.  Barney Frank: there is a reason why smartass faggots get beat up.

7. Patrick Leahy: The evil spawn of my high school principal (“Mr. Stacey”) and the world’s worst librarian.

8. Henry Waxman: he’s so dumb and ugly that his dog bites him.

9. Michael Moore: Only in liberalism could a fat dumb faggot become rich and famous.

10. Bill Maher: his face makes me think of “Louisville Slugger” every time.

To those liberals who did not make the list, all I can say is: So many stupid fucking liberals, so little time.

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