31 year old political hack with no experience in charge of dismantling G.M.

Shit! Change you can believe in.

Shit! Change you can believe in.

And the New York Times makes Brian Deese seem like he is the Second Coming of Lee Ioccoca. Instead of JFK’s “the best and the brightest,” Obama opts for “the most zealous political hacks.” His prime qualification for getting the job? He dropped out of Yale Law School to campaign for Hitlery, and then switched sides to campaign for Obama. Now that is dedication. Imagine if Obama had campaigned on this issue: “As your next President, I will pour millions billions down that rathole we affectionately call General Motors. I’ll force their General Manager to resign and pick a crony to replace him. Then I’ll force the G.M. shareholders and bondholders to get screwed while I give their shares to the union, the same crowd who helped to run the company into the ground in the first place. Then I’ll even place a political hack who is still wet behind the ears, who has absolutely zero experience in any business, let alone the car industry, in charge of dismantling the company! Hope and Change you can believe in, baby!”

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