The Typical Pro-Life response to Dr. George Tiller’s Death

I’m shocked. I’m more shocked than you are! NOOOOO! I’m more shocked and outraged!
I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

I’m shocked,  horrified and outraged! I’m more shocked! No, me! I know: Let’s see who can bend over the farthest and act like we actually give a shit about this piece of human excrement whose goal in life was to abort late-term babies! That way, the other side won’t blame us for his death. That way, the pro-baby killers won’t use this as an excuse to persuade those limp-wristed “moderates” to become “Pro-choice” out of disgust and anger.
Yeah, yeah, I know that most Pro-Lifers are genuinely decent folk who despise murder of any kind. But it also looks like there are some out there who are just posturing. I never heard of this joker in my life before yesterday, so for me to act as though I give a shit that he is dead now would be just that, an act. I figure that the damage is already done. The Left is going to blame conservatives for his death anyway, so why wait? I’ve already gone on the counter-attack. Sic semper abortionists.
First Update: 6/1/09 8:49 am. Seeeee! The unhinged looney left already is blaming this on “fundies”–this is no “aberration” and anybody who says otherwise is “lying” per the obviously mentally unstable “Howling Latina.” And some young punk who doesn’t even know what life is all about thinks  he has it all figured out.  He claims the Pro-life group “must account for contributing to a climate where someone is driven to violence.” What claptrap. The looney Left in full throat. Fcuking morons.

2 responses to “The Typical Pro-Life response to Dr. George Tiller’s Death

  1. Jesus stated “He without sin among you let him cast the first stone at her.” Some religious still stone raped women & own women. Who should own them as a slave? Exodus describes no penalty for women who choose to terminate pregnancy, nor does any Bible verse.

    Medically, a fetus becomes a baby at its first breath. Then, siblings recognize it & it’s named, christened, given citizenship, & celebrates zero. Unless you’re a surrogate, the only way to give rights to unborn is to take away women’s.

    Check out the extremism:

  2. Thanks for commenting, Breath. The Bible also doesn’t condemn internet porn. Perhaps because it did not exist back then. I’d say it was not a big problem back in those days, as they viewed children as a blessing from God. I think your reasoning is weak, but you are welcome here any day.

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