So many opponents of abortion are acting like cowards today

Oh, we have to express our sympathy! We have to condemn the murderer.  We have to hide our heads in shame. Otherwise, liberals might attack us. People might think we are extremists. Nobody will read our blog. We might not win the next election. First: Oh boofuckinghoo.  Second: Bullshit. 

Nobody that I know or read has tried to justify Dr. Tiller’s death. But I’m not going to apologize, because I had nothing to do with it.  Am I sorry that piece of  human excrement died? No more so than I am about anybody else who dies or is murdered that I don’t know and don’t particularly care about.  A recruiter was shot and killed in Little Rock today. I don’t see liberals feeling the need to run out and condemn that killing, nor do I see them rushing to head off a fire storm by condemning it is advance. I don’t even see conservatives rushing off to condemn the killing. Quit posturing you pussies.  Quit assuming the BOHICA position.  I could care less what liberals say. They will attack us for any reason, real or imagined. Grow a pair of balls all you conservatives. Fight back.  Michelle Malkin, quit bending over. Sarah Palin, quit groveling. The Other McCain, stand up like a man.

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