Sirhan Sirhan to be interviewed on “Fox and Friends”

WK.0103.Getty.08Just a good ole boy. Never meaning no harm. “Oh, I think I was wrong. Of course, I think it was understandably  wrong,” Sirhan Sirhan said.  “I think that they should let me out on parole.  They let out that dude that shot Reagan. They paroled that woman who shot at President Ford. I didn’t even kill a President, just a Kennedy who was running for President. Come on, give me a break! If I had not tried to kill Bobby Kennedy then somebody else would have.”

OK, this is not happening. Not really. But imagine the outrage, imagine the liberal panties getting twisted out of shape, if this were true. But Matt Lauer on the Today show interviewed Sara Jane Moore, who shot at President Ford in an assassination attempt in 1975. Personally, I’d rather hear from a guy who actually did what he attempted to do than some old witch who couldn’t shoot straight. Bring on Sirhan. Tell us  how you did it. Ok, not really. But you idiot liberals get the picture. This bitch should still be in jail until she rots. She definitely should be given a forum to laugh and giggle about what she did on national TV.

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