Loudoun Insider over at “Too Conservative”: just another gutless Democrat too lazy–or too ignorant–to switch parties


Loudoun Insider in his RINO panties

Loudoun Insider in his RINO panties

Too Conservative, you suck. Sure, you RINOs and “Moderate” Republicans say we should keep traitors like Specter and Colin Powell in our “big tent.” Then, when a conservative wins the nomination, suddenly your traitorous colors show through. “Oh, Cuccinelli is too conservative. Cuccinelli is too wacky. Oooh, ooooooooh, we might lose.  So I’ll just give up in advance and vote for the Dem nominee, whoever that is. They won’t be extremists like Obama. Will they?”

All this latest traitorous speak stems from a 36 second youtube video of Cuccinelli saying that our social security numbers are being used to track us. Well, no shit, as they say.  As a lawyer, I can assure you that our social security numbers are used to track us. I may not be able to find a recalcitrant witness, or a deadbeat dad, with his name and last known address. But give me his or her social security number and I can have them tracked down within the day.

I took my social security number off my drivers license years ago. Credit checks require social security number. When I order medical records on litigants, the hospitals require the social security number. No social, usually no medical records. They track patients by their social.   I recently have come to not allow my clients to give their social security number to the other side. And I have had at least one judge rule that they did not have to. Because if your social security number falls into the wrong  hands, your identity can be stolen.

So, yes you dumbasses, “they” really are “tracking you” with your social security number. I don’t know the full context of Cuccinelli’s speech–some lying SOB cut it off for maximum “kook” effect. But I’ll wager it is not as whacky as that loser “Loudoun Insider” would have you think. I expect that kind of crap from people such as the knuckle dragger over at Blew Virginia, but I don’t need it from purported Republicans. So here’s to you Loudoun Insider: Hey buddy, don’t go away mad. Just go away. We don’t need worthless pondscum like you in the Republican party.

7 responses to “Loudoun Insider over at “Too Conservative”: just another gutless Democrat too lazy–or too ignorant–to switch parties

  1. I got to admit the picture is funny.

  2. 🙂

  3. Have you lost your mind? Please, let’s admit that we just nominated a real whack job for AG, and develop a strategy to hide him for the next 5 months. We need a GOP Governor for the next 4 years, and the nomination of Cuccinelli puts that in real jeopardy. Defending his nutty claims is not the way to go. You may be right on the SSN claim, but most normal folks are going to conclude — after the Dems play the clip 2 trillion times — that Cuccinelli needs to be institutionalized. Getting mad at other GOPers b/c we picked a nut is not helpful. Quite frankly, I think we need to advance a plan to keep people from donating to his campaign. The less he is on TV, the better. I know its sounds cruel, but we should cut him loose now, and consolidate around McDonnell. I am afraid our GOP house folks will be hurt by KC. Waiting 3 months is, in my view, not a viable plan. Let’s concede the AG race now and protect McDonnell and the house guys, especially the ones in NOVA. They are the ones most likely to suffer with KC on the ballot.

  4. Stand up to the “most normal folks.” Teach them that it is just some dumbass democrats lying about what he really said. Fight, you gutless coward. RINOs give up before the battle is even joined. Then they run away, and don’t even bother to vote.

  5. Brian, you did not give one example of why you think Cuccinelli is a nut. In fact, the one thing Loudoun Insider brought up you consider reasonable. Think about it. Is a man who tells people the truth a nut just because he is not believed? Are you just going to stand by and watch him be institutionalized?

    If we do not believe you know what you are talking about, should we have you institutionalized? 🙂

  6. Reading back on this is entertainment of the best kind. Loudoun Insider sat on his fist (most specifically over his own thumb), and did nothing to push McDonnell or Bolling, either. Then has the audacity to start rowing about what he’s done for politics. What an ass.

  7. There’s plenty of Assery to go around lately.


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