Why conservatives distrust scientists: ReASoN No. 101

“Climate CHANGE kills about 350,000 deaths a year”  trumpets a

Local Tornado says: "Global Warming made me BIGGGGER"

Local Tornado says: "Global Warming made me BIGGGGER"

Reuters headline of a so-called scientific report. And the number “is expected” to rise to a half million a year by the year 2030.  This report is pure bogus, but idiot liberals and those unfortunate others who can’t read and comprehend, and use a little reasoning ability, just lap this up.

First, the report is not claiming anthropogenic climate change is causing the deaths. Just “climate change.”  But the report was made for the U.N. and the U.N. is using it to blame on global warming. What is “climate change” to the scientists? Droughts. Floods. Storms (which includes hurricanes, typhoones, tornados, thunderstorms, etc.). “Creeping deserts.” The same things that have been claiming lives since humans first existed.  But they imply, or leave the readers to hopefully conclude, that these deaths are due to global warming. They aren’t.

Second, they make it sound like the death toll will rise because the problem is getting worse. But of course more people might die from the same problems in the year 2030–because there will be more people by then. Droughts in Africa? Then more people will likely die twenty years from now, because there will be more people.  Typhoons in India? Ditto.

Then they use this faulty reasoning to support their cry for cap and trade and other bogus attempts to stop “global warming.” The beauty of this approach is that no matter what happens, it can be blamed on human activity. Snowstorms kill hundreds? That is “climate change” and we can add it to the category. Bad tornadoes kill people? Climate change.  Whatever weather problem causes deaths, they gleefully add them to their total.

The ultimate goal of the U.N.? Extort more money from us to pay for their bogus plans. And ignorant saps buy it. Don’t be that dumb guy.

3 responses to “Why conservatives distrust scientists: ReASoN No. 101

  1. This is as much a problem with the “system” as anything else. There are “advocates” with a deep-seated financial interest in environmental issues. These consist of environmental nonprofit groups, people peddling alternative energy solutions, those who expect to profit off the cap and trade scheme, and so forth. On the other hand, while the costs of “cleaning up” the environment will hurt everyone, for most everyone except those environmental “advocates”, cleaning up the environment is just another business expense the can pass on to ignorant consumers. Hence the “advocates” are organized and the opponents are not.

  2. A bigger point Tom and John…is these deaths a BAD THING? Hell, the world is so over populated we can afford to lose these people. In Africa, where they have so many kids, death is a pleasantry…Hell, I’ll volunteer some from Harrisonburg to go there and die…cuz they ain’t no good to us here !

  3. The problem with scientists is that they come from the general population. Which consists of a large proportion of idiots. Idiots who are educated by liberals become liberal brain-washed idiots. Liberals infest academia.

    Frankie, remember, you and I were no good yutes once. Or at least I was.

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