Looney Tunes by Peggy Noonan

I got your "moderate" right here

I got your "moderate" right here

Oh, don’t fight the SotomaYOOUR nomination, it might upset [fill in the blank, women, hispanics, moderates, independents, blah blah blah].  As part of her “reasoning”? The Democrats, “if they had it to do over again” wouldn’t “Bork” Judge Bork, or savagely attack  Clarence Thomas:  “Ask Ted Kennedy, if he had it to do over again, if he would repeat all his intemperate and unjust words about “Bob Bork’s America” and “back-alley abortions” and blacks turned away from lunch counters. He’d be a fool if he said yes. He damaged himself in that battle.”

You. Stupid. Bitch.

Democrats don’t care about playing  nice. Or “damaging” themselves in battle. They play to win. If they had it to do all over again today, they would fight harder against Thomas and fight just as hard against Bork. They bring out the nuclear option. They lie they cheat and they steal. They realize that independents and moderates come and go, but that they had better deliver for their base, or their base will desert them. That gives them John Kerry, then the even more liberal Barack Obama as Presidential candidates. 

The Republicans, on the other hand, pander to the moderates and the independents, which lead to John McCain which lead to the next 4 years in the wilderness. FIGHT, you dirty old bastards. That’s why we elected you. Fight them in the ocean. Fight them on the beaches. Fight them in the streets. Nothing personal against Sotomayor. But oppose her simply because she is a liberal. Dig up dirt if you can. But oppose her you must. Obama didn’t shrink like a pussy from opposing Alito and Roberts. He opposed them, simply because they were conservative. FIGHT BACK! Engage, Maverick, ENGAGE.

3 responses to “Looney Tunes by Peggy Noonan

  1. Very funny graphic! Because killing anyone who disagrees with you is patriotic! I hope you are having great success turning murder into a joke. It must’ve worked, they’re laughing real hard in Tuscon now, especially the parents of the little kid who died.

    Stop trying to destroy our country, you sick, anti-American traitor.

    (a) DOMESTIC TERRORISM DEFINED- Section 2331 of Title 18, United States Code, is amended–

    (5) the term `domestic terrorism’ means activities that–

    (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
    (B) appear to be intended–

    (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    (ii) to influence

  3. Kirb, you stupid, ignorant slut. Just like a looney tunes lefty to think that a picture of a gun or some rhetorical political speech would make any sane person want to take a gun and shoot someone for the hell of it like that disturbed dipshit in Tuscon. If you would pull yer head out of your ass and actually read and hear the words coming from the left and the MSM, you’d know that most if not all of the violent political rhetoric is and has been coming from the left and far left.


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